1. Hi in May I adopted a 5 year old German Shepherd I named her Zoya. She is from Czechoslovakia and was testing for police dog and she failed a test. A couple brought her to the states and put a shock collar on her she's all black and where the shock collar was the hair is white they had damaged her hair follicles. I looked up her AKC and she was all black.They bred her to their king shepherd, she had to have a C- section, in which when I got her fixed it was botched her uterus was adhesied to her bladder. And it gets better they let her swallow balls, and Bone shards. Now my Zoya has problems with her BMS and constantly whines and cries when she has to go to the bathroom. $2,000 later in the vet doesn't know what's wrong with her. I took her to a specialist, he told me that it would cost $700 just to scope her. I am on disability so I got a part-time job to have her surgery. She is very dog aggressive and is a wreck going for a walk on a leash so when I saw this video about your Dobbie, I'm thinking we will give this a try and see how what a difference this makes. I did get her E collar (and I use it on vibrate and that seems to help, because she would just go after dogs. She has fear aggression and I don't know if it's because of the police dog training because she wasn't around other dogs or because of what the male dog did torto her that the other people had her before me. But I would like her calm, and out of pain. she doesn't have to like other dogs but I want her to tolerate them. I will keep you up-to-date on how this goes thank you for making this video it is going to really help me with her. She is a sweet heart, I have her on Coconut oil, whole flaxseed, wheat grass, I make her bone broth and she also is on pumpkin. I was on Fromm, but I am thinking of putting on Millies Wolf Heart , it is out of the UK. Or maybe I Wil just do raw. In any case, thank you so much for you video.

  2. I’m going to try this for my GSD. She’s a female and refuses to go on walks despite having high energy. She stopped walking a few years ago after a firework incident, nothing traumatic from my perspective, we were just in very close proximity to fireworks on our walk and it scared her. Now every time she hears a car back fire, or garbage can fall over she’s on high alert. I’m hoping this helps, I miss my walking buddy and she’s gaining a lot of weight 🙁

  3. I have a 1.5 old Shepard/ collie mix. She has major separation anxiety when I leave. I always see her on camera howling, barking, and crying for hours are on in. Would this be a Good product for her? Also, I saw they have treats, which do you prefer treats or oil? Thx great video.

  4. My favorite thing for my dogs anxiety is exercise. It works amazing. Also I would recommend putting a blanket on top of that dog cage you place your dogs in. Dogs are den animals, the blanket makes them feel better I promise. This works with all dogs.

  5. We have a 6-7 yr old French Bulldog, Alphy, that was rehomed a couple of times before we ever adopted him. His first home was with German Shepards that constantly picked on him. He still has scars on his ears from always being beaten up by the Shepards. Then another lady had him for a couple of years until she was no longer able to keep him due to long work hours. She would come home and he would have torn up her doors/walls and had pooped and peed all over. So for his benefit she was will to give him up. We have now had him for about 3 years and everything was pretty cool. At our last house we had a small hallway we could leave him in when we left. He was pretty good at not messing anything up so we were worried. We couldn't leave him in the backyard because he would yelp so much the neighbors complained but inside the house he seems better. Last year we moved to a much nicer home and there isn't any are where we can lock him, so we started using a kennel. This was going really well for the first year.

    But a month and half ago my wife noticed something odd when she would come back from getting groceries or taking the kids to school. He almost seemed to be in pain. He would cower and not move normally around the house for the first hour or so after letting him out of the kennel. It was pretty freaky. After about an hour he would be normal. Running around the yard. Up and down stairs no problem. But if we left the house, once we came back and let him out he would start screaming. So I took him to the vet on day three. They could find nothing wrong with him. They assumed he may have a pinched nerve or something. So they prescribed him some steroids and muscle relaxers, no pain meds due to wanting to see if these helped him. And we ran the course of the pills with no problems. And we have been clear for about a week until this screaming started again last night and again today.

    We do not want to keep giving him pills as there are concerns about liver damage. And honestly vet bills are just ridiculous. So we are considering starting some CBD for him today (as soon as we can find some) in hopes this might help. We suspect that perhaps he is stressing himself so much in the kennel that it's causing some kind of pain. But it's just crazy.

  6. I never knew fish oil was bad gor dogs. I used to give mine fish oil… also do you ride horses? I've heard you talk about the barn/stable and I also seen you had a horse necklace is some videos

  7. This was super interesting! Not sure if this is a product you’d be able to access as I’m in the U.K. but I used pet remedy natural calming diffuser for one of my rabbits. Absolute game changer honestly. I had three house buns at the time and two of them would happily follow me round the house like little dogs but one would dart and hide every time anyone entered the room, wouldn’t let anyone close and would have wide eyes and stressed breathing. She kind of tolerated me because they were in my room mostly and so she knew I wasn’t going to try pet and grab at her but she never let me pet her, only proximity for treats. After plugging in the diffuser within half an hour I had her on my bed flopped out and she occasionally let me stroke her. It’s not a miracle cure that changes their personality but it sure as hell helped a lot!

  8. This is amazing. I never knew there were so many bad side effects to fish oil. I'm a holistic dog mom (lmao) and can't wait to try the hemp oil on my nervous Dobe, Echo. I'm so glad I stumbled on to your channel. I feel like I don't find too many videos on Dobies from people our age. Can't wait to see more of Jazzy 🙂 !

  9. Would you ever be willing to do a video on Jazzy's back story? You've mentioned she was a show dog, I'm just curious as to how she ended up getting out of the show ring and into your home.

  10. I have a goldendoodle and she is such a shy dog but very sweet she is also scared of other dogs it doesn’t even matter the size she is 40 pounds and is scared of even tiny dogs I have been trying to do anything I can to warm her up to others dogs she loves our family dogs just dogs she doesn’t know really stresses her out. Also even people if we are walking and they go to pet her she will back up (not aggressively) but it’s like she just wants to be left alone. If u have any tips that would be great

  11. My puppy just got spayed today. I am still sooo scared because last time this vet fixed our animals they killed my bunny. She still seems like she is acting weird after the surgery and it has been 8 hours. Do you think it is fine. I just want your thoughts because I dont know how much I can trust this vet. They also said not to give her food or water witch I don't really agree with after sugary. She just seems to be panting a lot and letting her tongue stick out if her mouth.

  12. this is a really nice teaching lol but you did really good explaining and i didnt have to pause and think i watched straight threw most videos i had to pause it and think lol but this was a really amazing video

  13. My dogs anxiety is a bit bad, like I leave for school and my mom tells me that he whines in the mornings and if I’m at a friends house over the weekend he doesn’t eat or sleep or go potty bc he misses me so much and feels like I’m never going to come back

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