1. I am at day 10 of suboxone withdrawal. Doing pretty well but I’ve noticed that the lingering pain i still have is my feet. Can you give any explanation for this? Are my feet the final detox location in my body? It feels basically like my feet are sunburnt which is what I felt all over my body during withdrawal… but most of my physical withdrawals have subsided thankfully. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  2. Used Kratom, nutrients, and cbd oil for first 2 days. Kratom works very well but it affects your receptors, so your going to withdraw when you get off because of the receptors and the cns system, dopamine and serotonin depletion, it’s why withdrawals are so bad. Now I’m on Gabapentine and we’ll see if there’s withdrawals after a week! Look this guy up! He has really great advice and scientific research on different ways to get off opiates and PAWS! Take care

  3. Hi Matt, I would like to place my order for CBD oil.. I'm going to take your advice and try Top Extracts..
    Could you please tell me what mg you would suggest for severe H w/d , chronic anxiety&depression?

  4. I recently started taking black seed oil for health benefits as well as because I heard it could help with opiate withdrawal also.. do you happen to know if it would be ok to continue taking it along with CBD oil? So far I've never seemed to notice any issues with mixing supplements or oils.. I just don't literally take them all at the same time, I usually space them 2 hours or longer in between taking different supplements..

  5. Full spectrum cbd oil will have the best benefits. If u really want to use cbd to the fullest… Get the full spectrum from a reputable source (legal -medical states check your local growers or shops) . The full spectrum works on cb1 & cb2 receptors. The the hemp cbd works only on cbd1 receotors . Try the isolate or 1000mg oil from products like halo or better ones out there. Google best cbd products .. Just like this video says, beware Of the crappy cbd products. They will let u down and are a waste of money. They give cbd a bad name. So research until u find the right kind. This video is a wonderful stash of info to what a miracle cbd is on our "broken" brains. This oil should be taken by everyone regardless of opiate use or not. I'm starting my 75yr old mom on it to help her cope with stress, pain and fear/anxiety. I'm hoping it will also help my sister fight her alcohol use too. Since her Divorce it seems to be getting more frequent and clearly unhealthy. My entire family needs a giant bear hug from the cbd Gods.

  6. this is awesome i shared this vid in a couple suboxone and heroin groups on facebook. i have been wondering if it actually works without getting that sketchy weed high !!! i cant smoke weed it just gives me major anxiety and panic it just doesnt agree with me…but this oil is a whole 'nother ballgame!! thanks Matt!!!! be well my friend!!!

  7. Matt ! I'm here to tell you that its helped tremendously with tapering off of suboxone and I have done exactly what you said by doubling the dose. Completely helps with the anxiety and depression that comes with. Once again you are the man!!

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