Why CBD Oil Is Basically a Scam

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  1. Theirs enough studies for these claims, I work with a pharmacist named Jerry hickey and he's been at it for over 30 years in the business and we are releasing it very soon at a cgmp facility and non gmo product . I've been able to see these studies myself since I'm skeptical myself and have tried it myself . Thanks for the info

  2. A study published in Addictive Behaviors found that cigarette smokers who used CBD smoked less than they normally would

    CBD could be a promising treatment for people with opioid use disorder, according to a review published in Neurotherapeutics 

    A review noted in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found evidence that CBD could help to prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body

    There is research that suggests CBD could be beneficial in treating inflammation in the pancreas, which is a problem relative to type 1 diabetes

  3. The bottom line is u dont know what u r talking about. Show me the studies you read. And i can give u people all over tje spectrum who disagree. Did u even do a case study on yourself? Whats your experience with cbd? CBD is a scam but not your supplements?

  4. No pitchfork here, but I find this topic very interesting. I have personally been using CBD oil for 2 years, and I swear by it.

    I know it helps with pain and inflamation because I used to pop ibuprofen like candy just to get through the day and I have not used ibuprofen since I started a CBD regimen. I feel better, I sleep better, and I use it as a topical in several ways that I have definitely seen benefits after use. Is that empirical evidence? No. But is there hard science behind Legion Supplements that prove all the benefits your products claim to have? I would guess no is the answer to that as well.  Are there companies out there that promote CBD products that are not legit? Sure, just like in the fitness supplement industry. I researched the crap out of what I was buying and ingesting, just like I did with Legion. Not really sure what my point is, other than it certainly works for me, and a lot of friends and family as well. If that is all in our heads, then so be it. I know it is apples and oranges, but if I had to choose between no longer using CBD and no longer using Legion Supplements, I know what would win out for me.

  5. Oh I just wanted to add one thing about the solvents. While they can definitely be harmful in large amounts, almost every single nice smell that you smell on a daily basis comes from some sort of solvent. All terpenes are solvents, many flavonoids also act as solvents.. in low low low doses such as those you come across in cbd and in daily life, there is not evidence to show they’re dangerous. You know what else is a solvent?… water. So please, do know what you’re talking about before you preach it to a a large audience as though there’s no nuance in this world or in chemistry… there is. Any one thing on its own is very very unlikely to be a scam or a miracle drug, certain compounds do certain things that have certain effects in certain people with certain bodily chemistry. If a diabetic person does not take insulin, he or she will die. If a non-diabetic person takes insulin, he or she will eventually become diabetic. Both situations are a human being taking insulin, but reacting in drastically different ways.. this applies to many many compounds and many many treatments and what chemistry make up he or she has, even what chemistry make up he or she has on that given day may affect outcomes.. this is why all tests are standardized to get as close to accurate measurements as possible, so to say that something is basically a scam without even really delving into the mechanisms on which is affects in the body is pretty naive and shortsighted. I just thought I would point out a little bit of chemistry and that what you’re saying about how it is produced is absolute bull and not factually correct, it’s also misleading and fear mongering.

  6. Do yourself a favor and search Cannabis Health Radio, and Rick Simpson Cannabis oil here on Youtube. Rick Simpson oil contains a combination of CBD, THC and many other cannabinoids. IT CURES CANCER! — And many other illnesses. CBD alone won't cure cancer but in combination with THC it is indeed effective. Don't discount anecdotal evidence. Most of these studies you site here are funded by pharmaceutical companies or are in connection with the FDA & Big Pharma which has a vested interest in discounting the effects of natural remedies that they cannot patent. Also research alternative cancer cures and natural cancer therapy. There are MANY – I personally have benefited from one of them. Not everything non-FDA approved or not produced by Big Pharma is a scam my friend.

  7. Much of what you mention really isn’t relevant to CBD itself being or not being a scam, it’s other situations that occur such as it being ingested by children or young people. I kind of find this funny by someone that runs a supplement company that almost certainly has drugs that find its way into The hands of young people. According to the research it’s almost certain that it would be much much less dangerous than stimulants which are sold day in and day out and I don’t see you mentioning. Basically your argument comes down to “children are doing drugs” when they already are doing much more dangerous supplements that are also drugs, and likely ingesting YOUR drugs, and the other aspect of your argument is that It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but that has nothing to do with CBD itself just people selling snake oil and people that can’t go and look at the research or if the company is reputable or etc before purchasing it. Really shitty argument like a few other of these “this is this, I know everything!” Videos. Also, if it’s sold in the US then it is not made from marijuana, it’s made from hemp which is A type of cannabis but is not the cannabis that you are suggesting it is because it is NOT marijuana, it’s a variation of the cannabis plant they both come from, it does not get you high or have THC above very very low levels. Also, much of it is not done through solvent extraction, much of it is done through distillation which simply uses heat To separate the compounds at different temperatures based on their different evaporation points, so again I don’t think you really know what you were talking about or that you have looked into this as much as you think you have. Whenever you are wrong about some pretty minuscule facts about CBD or cannabis in general, it’s hard to take your argument seriously. Also whenever you call it drugs as though any supplement you take is not a drug, that’s really funny, seeing as you sell drugs your self but call them “supplements” when it fits your narrative. Very shady to suggest that if that’s on purpose OR you’re not a qualified researcher and you don’t realize they’re all drugs.. and certainly have not done enough research on how it’s made or the process of using solvents seeing as you definitely use them many times a day and certainly do ingest small amounts of them from other products, but even that aside it’s easy to get distilled CBD which uses no solvents at all and would be impossible to get them into the final product seeing as even if there were some they would evaporate at different temperatures then the CBD and thus be removed and would be impossible to still have solvents at those temperatures.

    I get what you’re saying and that you were trying to sort of “protect“ people from buying a snake oil product, but this really is not the way to go about it because there is certainly evidence to show that it is not a scam and that it has medicinal benefits, So to call something a scam because you don’t know the process in which it’s made very well or because some companies sell it in a shady way by not putting the correct dose or not using cbd that has been procured in a legal manner(This has been clearly defined by the law in simply states that the trail to where the hemp was grown that the CBD was made from must be verified, so what you were saying about it being illegal is really not true. Not in a practical sense for the average person, and the attorney general has defined those guidelines for production so.. it’s legal, obviously, hence being sold everywhere.) is really not genuine or accurate in many ways, especially when many of these same issues apply to YOUR own products that you make and sell to people and almost certainly find their way into the hands of underage or young people at times.

  8. Thank you for having the strength to post this! My gawd I’m sick of hearing how great and perfect it is for you that of course I wanted to hear both sides but I just couldn’t find any information on the negative risks of this. I don’t doubt you will get a lot of hate for doing this but you won’t get anything but support from me. CBD is all the rage like the Keto diet and Cross Fit and if you say your not on the hype train be prepared to dodge tomatoes. I know some people that constantly try to push me to take CBD for anxiety and stress and I tell them I go on a long steady jog or do yoga to help me with that and it’s free.

  9. There’s a good bit of well done research on CBD and seizure control in people that have epilepsy among other issues showing that it certainly does have a medicinal benefit. Whether or not it’s a miracle that will heal anything and everything is obviously still up for debate and obviously very unlikely just like every other miracle drug or supplement, but there is certainly research to show that it has medicinal benefit in certain instances, so I’m calling it A scam is a bit far. I’m aware that there are issues with dosage and what dosage is shown on the bottle versus what you get, which is why I order it in distilled or isolate form from reputable companies so that I know it’s the correct dosage or very close to it rather than 1/10th or 1/4 or 5x the dosage I purchased as is the case in some pre-mixed bottles as it is the same with many supplements, I’m sure you can attest to that from being in the supplement industry for so long. Point being, it can certainly be an iffy purchase whenever you Buy a supplement from a Vape shop or something along those lines and it certainly cannot heal anything and everything like some people claim, but there is certainly evidence to back up that it has medicinal benefits in certain circumstances that outweigh the negatives and that there are ways to go about purchasing it that are not a scam as far as that goes, so calling it basically a scam is pretty far-fetched when there is quite a bit of evidence to show otherwise.

  10. Props for going after things that may shake up ppl and their opinions, Mike. You ain't afraid to call bullshit. Even if it causes all the hate and backlash.. ppl are touchy about these things

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