New Study Shows Teenage Pot Use Linked To Shortened Lifespan

Researchers in Sweden have found a correlation between heavy pot use and shortened life spans. Examining data from over 45000 Swedish men between the …


  1. How about you use scientific data for these claims instead of biased opinions the teens who need pot to keep fighting and keep going on in life that have tried medicine that can make them miserable and have terrible side effects and it can also be deadly the teens who need pot really need it and it cannot harm them also weed hasn't caused a single death the only doctors who refuse to support it just worry about money and not about the patient for example there's a man who used marijuana for the cancer on his face he came back to the hospital for a check up and they told him it was cured he told them what he had done and they literally kicked him out. I mean this shows you how unjust some people are it should be about caring for the people who are in pain, or sick, or with mental illness who just want to be happy and be able to life their life , not about everything being driven by money do not put pot down because of your personal opinions without any actual scientific proof

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