Meet the East Bay Senior Cannabis Social Club | HEALING POWERS

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  1. Totally love it. I am a Pastor… and Cannabis is an important tool in my spiritual path. I recommend it for both depression and spiritual breakthroughs. God bless y’all

  2. I’m what they call a “baby boomer”, on Medicare I am constantly in pain from a failing back which has caused I think Fibro. I wish I could use it. I could care less about what others think. I wish I could afford to move! I wish it were legal in every state, it’s even now more difficult for Canadians to cross our boarder. These times in which we are living well I will just say I need some just to get through my day.

  3. side affects of weed are lung damage and biochemical imbalace in the brain. its a nero toxin. those seniors need to listen to scientist and not drug dealing junkies

  4. Yea the pharmaceutical companies hate to hear someone say, I stopped using all of my pills and now I only use cannabis and I lost 2 hundred pounds on top of that. Go girl!

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