Just ordered a couple Ignite CBD disposable pens !! giving my review on how they smoke and taste !! Please enjoy and please subscribe if you liked this video …


  1. If you’re trying to get in shape then weed will help you with your soreness after workouts. It also helps you to eat more, you just need to make sure you’re eating how you train. Great review btw

  2. Does anyone realize that weed is so fucking great it’s impossible to give it a bad review? It doesn’t matter what fucking form weed is in you cannot give it a bad review. it’s literally statistically mathematically applied scientifically impossible.

  3. Congrats bro I never thought or think i can’t stop smoking weed or dabbing I used to dab 24/7 but cause my situation rn I only smoke VAPES oil THC. I needa smoke something too but cigs are so bad and taste so bad. And same I hate the breathing after I can’t after a blunt. Tell me what you do every day like what you go thru or think to stop smoking weed.

  4. Dan Blizerian sold his company and his products are trash he extorted his way to those awards. He payed the company High Times for the award anyone that is actually in the cannabis industry knows that. You definitely are not in the cannabis industry with the misinformation you have given in this video you 🤡 🤷‍♂️ Dan is a profit chasing money shark I feel bad that you fell for his poor marketing scheme😂

  5. MCT might be better than any other carrier. But that doesn't mean that it isn't bad to be inhaling into your lungs… Quick google scholar search "mct/coconut oil respiratory irritant"
    dry herb vapes with charlottes web, harlequin, acdc and etc is a much better alternative for people who want to take cbd in a healthier way…

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