Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red or Bloodshot? | Weedmaps Learn

Red, bloodshot eyes are a tell-tale sign of being stoned. So why do our eyes turn red when smoking marijuana? Turns out it has little to do with the act of …


  1. Quitting weed within a week (without hangovers or crazy cravings), is pretty doable as long as you're feeding your body what it needs during the process. Look, although not for everyone, you may want to try googling Nemery Thentel's resource for a method that works for most, even if you've been smoking every day for years.

  2. Just as a warning, don't use the redness relief eye drops every day. They constrict the capillaries in your eyes, and what I've heard is that constant use can result in your eyes getting red any time you don't use them.

    If you just want to wet your eyes so they don't feel scratchy some plain ol' polyvinyl alcohol drops will get you right.

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