Sunday Special Ep 4: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan joins Ben on this episode of the Sunday Special, where they take a deep dive into the subjects of gender identity, celebrity worship, and Roseanne’s …


  1. I feel like joe rogan, ben shapiro, both new what bens response was going to be about what joe said about people leaving mma and football. Behind. Not only that i feel like/think that joe set up that scenario and i seen it from the begining. So basicaly if i can predict this this i feel proud of myself but also like i need to get out more and stop watching these guys so much….???

  2. Grown men with the temperment and inhibitions of females want to ne counted within the gender in group of female. There's no demand of this so society is trying to correct for it subciously almost. What i mean when i say theres no demand for it is theres already a bunch of members of the male sex expressing male gender traits to try and out competite their friends and be the best looking most well groomed most smooth most stylish most charismatic funny talented skilled & sucessful they can be to outcompete their friends and win the females affections. And a bunch of females doing the aame thing for males. So transsexuals don't fit it to this so they wanna make a new (gender) to dillisuonally deny their sex with this new gender expression. I thought the entire sjw idea of teaching gender expression is that u can like baking the color pink and dolls ans not be considered gay or feminine and females can do the same with male gender traits nd clothes nd that this has nothing to do with your biological sex or sexual orientation to free ourselves from the gender dichotomy. Somehow now we are teaching young boys the exact opposite. Real femininity isn't something u can become or attain or claim to be. Real femininity is abt fertility nature nurturing and caregiving nourishment majesty grace elegance beauty strengh motherhood. Real femininity isnt make up dresses high heels and make up. Those things dont make u gay & they dont make u no female. Cinnamon bunz from Delilah's isn't not not a women when she goes home a takes off her make up and heels. So your not one with them on. U can be gay and express feminine gender traits. But it don't mean u no female getting fucked in the ass dont give u no claim to femininity. And its demeaning degrading and disrespectful to assume so. I have no problem with u calling yourself some imaginary 3rd gender u cannot take females gender identity away from them. Women means women. Not women ( and men who want to be or see thenselves as) You playin with the lives of real females. You toyin with what a woman is. Its disrespecful to make a mockery and a coustume of women. And say that everything femininity is. is fake cosmetic contrived and surface. A women is not her clothes or her voice or her hair or something u can imitate or put on. A woman is not a halloween costume. A woman is your sister your mom your daughter your wife a physical being you are physically emotionally & mentally different from. And not something u can become. And gay does not = female. Nd you dont have chanfe your gender if your gay. I tjink everyone just wants to be too different y'all gotta chill out. Y'all confusing kids. Yall telling tjem its brave and courages and rewarding gay with attention and gassin kids heads up tellin them they can magicalky change their gender and that oppsite gender expression makws them gay not not getting fucked in the ass or being attracted to the same sex. Your lying to them. Exploiting them and then REWARDING the behavior of course theyre gonna put on the dress. They just want attention they kids. You making them think this gon make u love them more. Being gay nothing being a firefighter they aint save nobody life. Tf is u rewarding them for nd teaching them how to play victim for fame this shit is corny. Nd u teaching them dress = gay they havent gon thru puberty they font know what they likr. Why tf is it 7 year olds coming out the closet? They 7. They dont know what they like. They gon say anything for attention they kids. Whats going on in the world rn is wrong idgad what nobody say. U can be whou are.stop pushing sexuality and sexusl lifestyles and gender "spectrality" a make up puesdoscientific concept ppl use to reason insanity to u. On to kids. Them them live their lives. Let them have a childhood. What tf is wrong with ppl? Idgaf about the gay thing do u. I like females some ppl like rocky road ice cream i think is digusting so what. But this regendering shit is dangerous. For all sorts of different reasons its not fair competitively for females in sports and other aspects of society. Intersectionality is going to explode once u realize u cant fight for the rights of women in a tyrannical patriarchy while also claiming men are women. It wont work nd isn't it kinda sexist and shovanistic too? For trans to say sort of bully their way into womenhood. After everything feminist are claim white western society has done to them it is kinda contradictory to them let white men parade around as and recieve the same rights and privilege as women nd then say this means they know their experience. Just saying the amount of contraditions in that declaration lead me to believe its some sort of disorder. Hormonal or mental. This is just an assessment

  3. I know why: they are angry, and depressed and violent.
    Green is the new Red.
    Communist indoctrination in public and private education
    I feel so awful for the way children are pushed (forced) into this eco-warrior greenparty socialism

    Edit: let us not forget the sharp rise in suicide and a complete loss of innocent childhood

  4. Political parties should be dismantled.
    People should be elected to fill a particular position which they have the expertise for.
    Consequently, every elected representative is there to express his/her own views not to push the agenda of a particular political party.
    This would inevitably decrease the voting turnout, which is actually a good thing, as the ratio of unbiased responsible votes increase.

  5. ROGAN YOU ARE THE MAN………SIMPLE TRUTH! People have not the wit or courage for simple truth.

    As far as trump….he has just ruined the lives and carriers of navy seals who have dedicated their lives to others in ultimate service. Somthing that trump know's fuck all about, the most spolit self centered draft dodging self absorbed shit in PUBLIC SERVICE…..YES TRUMP YOU ARE ARE THE WORLDS TOP PUBLIC SERVANT…….NOT SELF SERVANT!

  6. Ben is completely wrong about the presidency. It is basically a elected dictatorship. Joe has on point on "popularity contest". There is no qualifications on running the country. Current system is irresponsible. USA needs to pull a lot of powers of president to the house and senate.

  7. Shapiro is so weird when he turns to us to sell smthm. He knows Rogan will loose a bit of respect and you can see in his jokes to end the commercial spot that he has killed a part of himself to be able to do it infront of Joe, this is so humiliating for him, I dont even understand why he needs to do that

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