1. i made an advanced one and didn’t get caught. i was in my bedroom right next to my moms…

    get 10 dryer sheets and put deodorant on both side of the dryer sheets. Then stuff all the dryer sheets in the used toilet paper one. then use a big ziplock bag to attach to the end… it is super easy because the smoke goes in the bag and you can put it out the window and empty it

  2. Hell uesh this comes in handy , No one I live with minds the smell but why not keep the room smelling fresh (: easy solution have hella dry sheets thanks man didn't need to buy one ..

  3. Dude. Its still gonna smell like weed. Quit fooling yourself. You're taking all this time to make something the will eliminate like maximum 20% of the smell, but will still get you busted. Just fucking smoke it dude. Or go outside, or buy a vaporizer. If I was sober and walked into that room right after you were done smoking, I'd smell it everywhere yo, guarenteed 100%. Only thing that would save you is if you had had the windows open for a few hours before I arrived.

  4. GreenGuy420, I have an adjustment for you on that sploof, no more getting dryer sheet fragrance in your mouth, more filtration, and protect the edges of the roll from breaking down or getting damp from your breath. Works better with a paper towel roll.

    After you stuff the far end of the roll with about 6 dryer sheets, one at a time, take a clean crew sock and feed it into the roll, toe side first. When you get to the elastic top of the sock, fold it down around the edges of the roll. No rubber band needed to keep it on, but you can use one for better security.

    You now have a clean protected end for your mouth. When the sock gets dirty with smoke debris, take it out and wash it, or replace it with a clean sock.

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