1. Stupidest one ever! First, what does Jamie Lee Curtis do for a living to afford such a home, guns, and an elaborate security system? Babysitting?? Second, Michael Myers has super human strength, but can't kill a frail, pathetic, elderly, alcoholic woman? Third, what was up with all the creepy manikins in her home? She obviously didn't design anything. Then you got the judgmental bitch grand daughter who judges her boyfriend for having a couple drinks at a party while she is planning to get stoned with her friend. Women are truly dumb, but so are all teens for that matter.

  2. There will be a number 2. It will lead off right after they think they killed micheal by burning him. Part of Laurie house breaks apart, micheal escapes, and follows them to the hospital, just like the original number 2. Mark my words

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