Does Weed Impair Driving Abilities?

Let’s talk. Does cannabis affect driving abilities? Does tolerance play a huge role in your ability to drive? Are studies that say it has zero effects on your ability to …


  1. Yes, It does affect your driving. I think how much depends on the person like you stated. Watched a good video on Weediquette about it where they did actual test. It is like taking prescription medications says right on the bottle it could affect you. Drove half way across the country long ago totally "stoned" don't remember most of it.

  2. Harold & Kumar Going to White Castle>< Watch'd tha on 1st Xmass day + "Harold & Kumar Escaping from Guantanamo Bay" 2nd day ofXmass "A Verry Harold & Kumar Xmass"… oh yea and NO! Well, not for me… i drive to work stoned + End up smoking during traffic jamms + After work smokesesh hotboxing n drive home for the past 6 years, no kills (Yet) No un seen traffic bumps tha limits ur speed (Old grany's) N no crash's wat so ever…

  3. When I was 19 after failing my first driving test I got stoned before my next try and passed with flying colours. It calmed my nerves and helped me concentrate better. My left clutch leg (UK cars) whilst doing the reverse round a corner was bouncing up and down very fast yet car was smooth as silk. That's how powerful THC is. ✔

  4. I took my test stoned 29 years ago … solicitor in the world will stand up and say my client can drive while stoned …..the real problem is that there is no proper testing machines …in the UK and Spain they say don't drive for two weeks after smoking weed 😂 😂😂😂 wtf man

  5. Lol I lost my license in the UK for having weed in large amounts every time I get arrested ??????wtf that means I've no idea ??????? It's been years i moved to Spain but now they have changed the law here too ….. I've driven stoned for more than twenty years … honestly yeah it probably does effect you and your driving but….. Not in a way people would think …… Im 46 to young to give up driving lol but not old enough to give up weed 😂😂😂😂

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