🤔How Is Live Resin Made?

Have you ever wondered ‘How is Live Resin Made?’ Well, that’s what we’re about to find out in this video. I’ll show you what Live Resin is, how it was invented, …


  1. As much as I thought the host was directed at 12 year old wanna be stoners, the info was good and the footage of the process at the end was legit. I just didn’t need to see the host dabbing.

  2. Smokin on some blue cookies live resin and I was wondering how the fuck this shit was made. I've been staring at this little pile in my jar about to fall in love. Thanks for the education 👌

  3. Thank you, this video has cleared up some questions ive been curious about for a long time. I got a question for you, do you know what makes the thc crystallize in live resin? For example. Shatter slabs go through a purging process but the thc doesnt crystallize during that process.

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