🌐Marlboro Invests In The Marijuana Industry – Weed News 12/10/18

Marlboro invests in the marijuana industry this week, and spent $1.8 Billion on a 44% share of the Canadian marijuana company Cronos. So, does this mean we …


  1. Hello strain show is okay if possible can u do a video, on how u can work in the farm in your last video you pick the stuff in the van. How can find employment there and can tell how can u apply for the medical certificate thanks bro. If it okay thanks cheers. And possibly how to start a shop there and sell weed ect from a shop owning one thanks.

  2. Despite the fact big tobacco has killed them getting into it will turn on a lot of smokers toward weed even more thus increasing the odds of nationwide legalization sooner. I just hope that they won't add chemicals that they have added to tobacco.
     When nationwide legalization happens I won't invest much into marlboro joints as long as I can grow it myself or buy it in bud form from a dispensary.

  3. Simple solution: Just don't buy any herb cigarettes that are manufactured by tobacco companies. And educate anyone you see buying them to know what they're buying, and direct them to the superior alternatives.

  4. Dam that was a bad day for the driver, he didn't even get the satisfaction of blessing everyones day with free weed because it was ruined from oil an rain, like when I get sad for loosing my weed I get happy since I know I made someones day with free dank weed also I don't like the idea of Marlboro investing into weed they shady asf.

  5. First big government got there claws on it, not big corporation got it hands on it. Damn, watch it, there gonna have cancerous chemical as a filler in weed. As long they leave the weed alone.

  6. Only good side is pushing along national legalization because PM lobbies for tobacco…. Coming from a medical only state, it's needed. But, I'd agree on the quality, and wouldn't buy weed as a Marlboro product.

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