Why was Facebook Blocking Cannabis and Marijuana Searches?

Facebook recently cut down on cannabis search results and marijuana search results? Do they not like weed or was it something else, read this …


  1. Because they are certifiable scumbags at the top. A left wing angry arm of the poisoned democrat mindset. Hey, we’re all in this together, give that a thought. Conservative channels are being treated the way marijuana vids are. That makes me want to do the opposite of anything they say. I was a Democrat all my life, right up until I opened my eyes and reasearched what’s REALLY going on. Big Pharm is going to do anything they can to take over medical marijuana. They forget it’s a plant that’s easy to grow, from what I hear. LOL. YT is a big pharm arm along with all corporate boys. Gutless bast*rds. Hang in there, the cats been out of the bag for 40 yrs and THEY KNOW IT WORKS FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS and no side effects you have with the other poison they push.
    We will find you to see your great vids!

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