1. @simplisick damn man I look up to you. I like the way you edit your videos man 💯
    & I agree with you on a joint or two before/after work. As I don’t drink or do anything else other than do green.
    It helps with other things like my back pain. Shouldn’t be illegal if im just trying to relieve pain. Just makes me feel like criminal doing this.
    Btw you should check out my stream on the new Gpen Nova📲

  2. @simplisick I smoke for the medicinal properties but I also feel like it regulates my attitude towards things. Not only does it mellow me out but it also gives me some clear thinking sometimes. I’m still on the lookout for my go to strain. I wanna look for something with high cbd but also enough thc that it gives you a head change

  3. I smoke weed and wax carts I’m 16 tbh I probably shouldn’t but I like it I get out of school I go out with friends and smoke have a good time having a bad day call my friends go to the park and smoke rn my parents found my three brass knuckles carts and they big mad but idk ima keep smoking

  4. I toke because it makes me feel normal, it gives my inner self a sense of confidence which helps me with any social anxieties and insecurities that I may have…it helps me with not caring about other peoples negative vibes!

  5. Can you review the Dr zodiak moonrocks clear vape cartridge (O.G.) strain is koo.I'm about to quit too. But it's for health reasons so I'm not tripping. I will be back.

  6. I’m also a over thinker & I smoke to calm down . I totally understand how your friend feels. On my days off sometimes I’ll be home thinking so much that I wouldn’t even enjoy my day off & do the things I wanted to do, but weed helps me sometimes to get out of my thoughts . All my thinking I think has to do with Anxiety. I been avoiding the doctor . I just kinda want to figure things out my self.

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