Which do you prefer and why? Or if you like both, let me know in the comments for what reasons! Thanks for watching! Just a short video for today but there will …


  1. Wax bro wtf if you can get good wax for cheap and can afford to get wax weekly why not. Bro you get waaaaay higher with one hit of the wax pen then the vape carts. And I smoooke vape carts. I don’t even dab like I used to a year ago. Vapes just a lot easier and stuff

  2. If you live in a illegal state please try to stick to wax 90% of the carts will have something bad in them same with wax but less dangerous or stick to good darknet market vendors(CGMC)

  3. Just buy some wax liquidizer and you can use any wax you get in carts plus you save alot of money and you can choose the viscosity/concentration of your juice edit: it works with any concentrates

  4. What are some points I can bring up to my family on how weed isn’t as damaging to you as compared to alcohol and cigarettes. They’ve pretty much disowned me and called me a piece of shit drug addict for smoking a little weed.

  5. I can't wait to cop that Delux myself…for me I like a lil bit of everything, it would give me the ability to do wax, cartridges, CBD, and dry herb (using an Evolve plus d atomizer with Delux) dig the channel!! Check me out lemme know what you think!!

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