Ariana Grande Carpool Karaoke

James and Ariana Grande give each other a lift across Los Angeles, singing songs off her new album “Sweetener,” channeling some Celine Dion and settling …


  1. Honestly her voice is of course extremely good and it's too funny how she imitates Celine but idk I can't listen to this high screams and exaggerating all the time.

    And what I don't get is why a strong and independent woman has to do the "little girl" all the time just so everyone calls her "so cute".

    It's not hating – I just like her more when she is talking normally and making jokes with James without all the blinking and behaving like a shy teenager. Because she isn't.

    She seems down to earth and fun to be with. Maybe that's why it bothers me that she behaves like that… 😕

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