1. Man, cut is just not a sensitive channel at all. Like there should be people on this team that like. Say “mmmm maybe we shouldn’t have this for this episode” like literally??? What the fuck. The music, the question, and I’ve watched other episodes it’s just? Not okay.

  2. This is soo not healthy for me at all!! I swear the minute the video began and he flinched when he read that card, I laughed and started crying bc I knew that if he was my dad he would be the most funniest guy I’ve known and it would hurt soo much to lose him

  3. This was going so well till that dumb question of make a bet. From all the people watching and angered, F**K You and the mf that had the idea and his momma.

  4. I know this is wants to be a celebration of life, but the question about the bet and the background music make it very cynical and insensitive. I appreciate the idea, but I didn't like the production.

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