Doctors Explain Why U.S. Healthcare Is So Expensive (HBO)

VICE News visited a bunch of doctors in an attempt to make sense of our convoluted health care costs. What do the doctors say is needed to improve overall cost …


  1. How do these doctors go from “managed healthcare is bad” to “we want single payer?” They need to go back before residency, back before med school, back before podiatry school, back before college, maybe back to their country of origin (if applicable), and learn basic logic. You can’t say that managed care is bad, then turn right back around and say that you want more managed care. You need to find more doctors to interview, because I think you cherry-picked your sample. And not all doctors are members of the AMA-it is a top-heavy, antiquated, socialist organization, so if you interview AMA members, you will not be interviewing an unbiased group. I think you have predicted your research outcome by bad study design. And folks watching this video should consider whether you had an agenda to begin with.

  2. Lol!!!!! Except a check up visit like that only takes around 10 to 15 minutes. Or atleast thar my experience. So they can take in 4 to 6 people paying 100.00 each. Well if you do the real math. Thwn youll see the doctors are doing just fine. Go look at there homes, cars, ect… there are not hurting finacially. Hospitals, doctors offices, and drug companies along with the insurance companies are taking advantage of a service we all need. Government is just being lobbied to act in favor of these crooks and not the american people. Obama care was just another bullshit law to boost profits for everyone but the ones that need it. Middle class america can not be forced to pay a higher cost when theyre already taxed to the breaking point. No law can enacted for the american people that doesnt apply to government. Read the 28th amendment.

  3. Moynihan it is paperwork. Wish you had mentioned the AMA played a HUGE role in where we are today, the mess we have. Goes farther back than i am old, and not the driving force behind cost but important to remember.

  4. Three contributors:
    1. Insurance companies assume too much risk and this costs too much.
    2. When a party does not see the true costs of a service, it is overused and prices rise.
    3. Insurance CONTROLS costs, but only THEIR costs. They charge us more and keep the difference for themselves like any good business. However, remove them and the patient costs go down as doctors compete. See "direct care" models. They work.

  5. So why over in Europe if you aren't a citizen and have no insurance, the doctor costs $25-50, Er $70, prescription$5, xray $25 (all +/-)? Is that because their not having to pay for so much administration staff? And because our government allows pharmasuticals to price gouge? Seems like it would be cheaper for round trip ticket, hotel, food and care over there than what we pay in insurance and/or care here. For even less and shittier care to boot. My son stopped making insulin at 12, now at 18, he could die within a few days without it, everyday I worry about him affording insurance and or expensive insulin, I've seen so many stories where people have lost their sons and daughters because they were cutting insulin for affordability. That doesn't sound like a developed country to me. Disgusting…

  6. GREED. THATS ALL IT IS. GREED. GREED. GREED. insurance companies prey on peoples fears and screwing over people. I have never had health insurance and would rather die then to sit there and pay for the rest of my life.

  7. I understand pre existing conditions however there should be an incentive to eat well and exercise regularly. I'm not paying the same as lazy fat fucks who exclusively eat fast food and hate moving.

  8. ROFL!. Vice do us all a favor. Instead of interview clearly progessive left wing physicians, one of which is a Yale PCP who probably sees 5 patients a day and makes a boat load off of "academic" incentives. Why don't you go take a look at what a single payer system currently in the US. It's called the VA. I have worked in it as a physician (as a resident) and can tell right now you're not going to like what you see.

  9. Problem is much more complex then what is being stated here. Unfortunately many HCPs dont know how the system works beyond what they do. While poor reimbursements and high admin work are certainly a few of the whys , it goes deeper and is more than that.

  10. A VICE video extolling the virtues for universal healthcare without even considering the negative ramifications. Shocking.
    And when opponents of Obamacare suggested it was a Trojan Horse to make people DEMAND a single payer system, they were called "conspiracy theorists…" :-/
    Open your eyes, people.

  11. Their faults too. Have you seen the bills that they send insurance companies? Can pay for the appointment in cash $100, but when they go through our insurance they try to bill $1000 for the same appointments. How about the goverment does something about collusion and gouging?

  12. People in my country (Canada) literally die waiting for operations.
    You have to wait almost 8 or more hours in the hospital (Sometime well over 12 hours) with a broken arm or in need of stitches because theres not enough doctors here (Many leave to USA for better pay).
    We have entire medical fields in which there is not one specialist in the ENTIRE COUNTRY and the government needs to send us to USA for treatment… Basically every medical innovation is invented in America (New operations, medications, technologies, etc.)
    Our healthcare quality is in NO WAY better than Americas… Their quality blows ours out of the water.
    Universality DOESN'T = Quality

  13. Easy trick here everybody: if it's NOT life-threatening*, just call 9-1-1, have the paramedic's treat you medically, then *REFUSE transportation to the hospital (as long as you are conscious, you have a national right to refuse transportation to a hospital). Boom. Free mobile healthcare without spending a dime. Oh, and I'm a paramedic. We carry and can give you more drugs than nurses can and if you don't believe us, ask to see our med box. So trust me. Call 9-1-1, ask for treatment, and then refuse transport. You get your treatment and we get to go back to station and sleep. Everybody wins.

  14. I had a minor, non invasive "surgery" to break up some kidney stones on one side. My doctor recommended it even though it was not necessary, and said it would be $500 because of my insurance. The surgery took less than 30 minutes, I was in recovery for about an hour from the anesthesia and I went home, without any medications. 3 months later, I got a bill for $48,000. My insurance decided not to cover it.

  15. It’s funny how the doctors blame insurance companies for being greedy and saying they don’t pay enough but yet those doctors are making 200k plus a year. Everyone is greedy in this business because everyone sees the amount of money healthcare generates and they all want a piece of that pie. While insurance companies are trying to find ways to pay less or not pay at all doctors and hospitals are trying to find ways to charge you more. Most doctors bill insurance companies for a 40minute visit or an hour visit and only take 15minutes. Videos and news reports like these are the reason why we can never find a common ground and balance things out. These news channels want to report one side or the other but I think it’s time we all just came together and stopped picking sides to over come greed and over powering.

  16. Because there are so many regulations and subsidies for healthcare. Hospitals and the like know people have to spend the money to get help, and many have subsidies of some sort, so the hospitals drive up prices OF WHICH they refuse to tell us how much. Look at retail clinics, they provide basic health services that require a professional but not a hospital- they drive costs way down.

    Funnily enough, the agency that regulates healthcare (I forget the name, admittedly) hates retail clinics.

  17. I really hope that in the future we can provide all people in the world with health care. I think everyone knows the feeling of hopelessness when a loved one is of poor health. I can only imagine how much worse it is when money is an issue. My friend currently has that sort of situation with her father (here is her go fund me page if you are able to give, any little bit helps ). If others are not willing to be on the side of compassion and progress, we can at least lead by example and help each other.

  18. Bottom line is: Do everything you can to stay healthy and encourage your family, friends and associates to do the same so we can get back to health, have insurance only for the truly catastrophic, pay the doctors as opposed to the insurance company, and most of all keep taxes low.
    Survival of the fittest. If you want to eat yourself to death, go ahead. Don't ask other to pay for your decisions.

  19. Republican leaders are lying to their base and their base ears it up because they’ve sworn their allegiance to the red team. It’s so idiotic. I wish people would think for themselves instead of just picking a team and letting the leaders of those teams dictate how they should think and behave.

  20. American healthcare costs more than anywhere else in the world because of greed, pure and simple. Not just the insurance providers. Hospitals, and drug companies are also major culprits of marking up services many, many, many times over costs. Most hospitals both public and private routinely add charges for services that were never delivered or required just to pad the bill. Why Americans tolerate this is beyond me, but you certainly deserve what you're getting if you're not intelligent enough to change it.

  21. Insurance companies are not greedy. Insurance companies are businesses just like restaurants, gas stations, mechanical garages, retail stores, movie theaters, and any where else that people patronize and work. Insurance companies are full of hard working people that just want to do their job and earn a pay check and keep a roof over their head and food on the table just like anyone that works for any other business. How is that greedy?

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