This Will Leave You Speechless! – One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

THIS Will Make You Re-Consider Your Entire Existence ▻If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner …


  1. Fuck these people! They are trying to convince us to buy into whatever THEIR values are! Weepy, sad sack prophets of a doom of THEIR invention! Get out your phone, turn it on and never stop playing Candy Crush! Call everybody in your network and ignore who is sitting next to you! Big mutherfucking deal! Maybe I am talking to one of my eight siblings who live in disparate parts of the country! The pursuit of happiness depends in part upon our ability to discern the difference between real social problems (and the need for real solutions to these problems.) on the one hand, and self -nvolved self-aggrandizing moralizing by people who are a mile wide and a foot deep. Jesus! go find something worthwhile to kvetch about…..

  2. Sitting down with your children at dinner,penning a hand written note ,feeling the pages as you read a book,board games,etc. I agree with Denzel completely,we all need to take time to just enjoy God's blessings without the distractions.

  3. I am proud to say I am nothing like these people. I do smoke hash, but I can smoke for a few days and not for a few weeks. I don't smoke cigarettes, drink or use my smartphone, except to signal my wife when I am on the road, one the way home and for emergencies. I do watch Youtube and send emails. but I don't miss anything if I don't do it.
    I moved out of the USA in 1990 and live in Europe with my wife who is German and I am
    over 75. So, it is possible if you try. It was easy for me.

  4. Obviously more than just a pretty face Denzel – wonderful info & observation. In Australia, it's first people [Aboriginal Australians] wonder how long such a fantasy life online can compete against the tangible & practical effervescence of The Mothers & The Great Spirit's wonderful natural environmental lifestyle… Not for much longer we pray 🙂

  5. I agree with it because we are at the true, mental, stone age and we have the power to break free! Although I still feel working together, relying, trusting, mixing slowly, we can thrive. Nature shows us that so simply in ants. They have populated the globe with out even trying. An ant is free to choose his own path. they choose to work together and not wonder in to the abyss alone.

  6. Wow, seriously? THIS is what's eye opening? This is what has you speechless?!!! Its not the message, the message is obvious. It's the fact that it takes someone making this video about it for you to even see it… smh. Wake up and disconnect, sheeple.

  7. I don't want to speak to you face to face, can we just text each other whilst we are in the same house lol. Please be aware that where ever your phone is, it is watching and monitoring your every move, and the dark internet and internet is displaying this all around the world. you are being watched! we have become a dysfunctional society with social media, desensitized to feelings, emotions and compassion. We need the world to change, realize who we are, and see the world as a place to be kind to one another, technology is becoming the stale mate, no conversation, no eye contact no society. please all wake up to this Denzel Washington is correct!

  8. Say! NO to drug's And Fakes ass news will help no one and EVIL people will not do anything good to help those how need it so don't vote for those Jackass's they will never change like the Trump's and all his friends !!!!

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