1. This woman is a never ending flood of seriously FAKE NEWS and should be avoided. She espouses utter rubbish opinions based on FAKE NEWS material. Only believe to be the truth that which has been proven to be the truth by the scientific method. Revelations 22:2 "For the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations". Prohibition causes more harm than good. They are always throwing the baby out with the bath water. Elect politicians who promise to abolish prohibition and put an end to the War against Drugs. Prohibition is a serious crime against humanity.

  2. total horseshit.  Rick Simpson Oil aka Phoenix Tears CURES stage 4 CANCER!  Even BRAIN CANCER, stops grand mal seizures etc!  You need to research this.  Absolutely false! very disappointed you posted this total BS! Very disappointing!

  3. It is not the pot it yes as said pesticides or govt envolvlment of contaiminating . Weed it self is safer than any other drug out there. Big pharma behind this bullshit lie !!

  4. You people out there go ahead and smoke that s*** the government's got in them stores don't think they're not putting something in it. You better grow your own. Wake up people

  5. It's hard to say this but even alcohol is a gateway drug.. it's the concept of getting high.. in the case of alcohol also.. a concept of being taken by a predator.. for nibbling too many fermented berries.. those for whom it is expedient make rationales for THC for alcohol being good . . Alcohol prescribed by doctors for congestive heart situations.. our stomach makes any fermentation in whatever form it needs to be…. by following our cravings for food and drink… Microflora is maintained… a delicate dance. Easy step if you know how to do it

  6. Despite some who say cannabis is a Panacea.. Cannabis is a gateway drug.. and an impetus for thinking errors… it Foster's a careless side in people… the concept of getting high.. is encouraged.. which is a false phenomenon ….dopamine reaction in the brain. Can be noted in correlation with simply the mood of being high…. if someone tells you you won a billion dollars.. that's getting high.. if someone tells you a train crash has taken your entire family tree… that's a downer… what we need is resilience.. and confident in ourselves to be able to obtain the best perspective available.. life is a rollercoaster.. some people seek roller coasters for amusement……

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