POST FAST Healing Update, Things That Nearly Killed me in Tanazania! CBD oil and Sacrificing teeth!?

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  1. Hi John, did you tried MMS against Malaria? Google this, this helps also with many other diseases. It is like a miracle cure. The best way is to do enemas with MMS. It saved my life already so perhaps you can benefit.

  2. a alkaline body do not maintain viruses , a good source of alkaline is baking soda with no aluminum !, a spoon of baking soda in a glass of water !, : now to rebuild decayed tooth , first clean your teeth with salty water and a brush and then use oils in your mouth for 15 minutes to rebuild your teeth !

  3. I agree with you regarding the dark forces. In my experience when you do good for someone suffering, the bad that was feasting on that person try to do the same to you. Prayerful fasting or prayerful suffering is a great way to fight it. I personally have had no relief with my pain using CBD oil but it has been fan-freaking-tasic with my anxiety and insomnia.

  4. I've always believed that when one is on the path of righteousness, doing God work, there was something that gets in the way. For me it would be something internally, like having a gut problem. Have had trouble using the restroom, but recently gotten abit better with eat9ing (<- that happen) no carbs or sugars. Also fresh lemon squeezed and sovereign silver after wards. I tried fasting for 4 days but had to get my strength back because I'm about to move into a house with my family. Excited much, just gonna bring the balance back so I can have the strength to do the fast. Also people would try to start arguements with me, I felt like it was just to get me to a lower frequency. I got some hits as well and I'm not trying to regret, but to accept what happen and just over come. Been watching a couple of your vids and I like all about it. It's great. You brought a gentle joy to me. Hope again because I was lost for abit so I thank you. I've come to understand from your words and my experience to know what's real. I feel the fire spark back up, it's just sometimes I feel too weak or tired to do much. I feel like I'm suppose to do something great, something that is love. Healing to many things. I'm starting to think it's in my blood because I've lost alot of weight before fasting, got weak, I've always just fought and never gave up, nor do I plan. I want to enjoy this life as much as possible then I'll enjoy the next in a different realm. I clinged on to life as much as possible. I know I'll survive. I've went and talked and talked. Thanks again and I love you too brother, I love all of you.

  5. If you fast so much and have merged into the Omega, then why are you still sick all the time????? I haven't been sick in 5 years. No allergies, no colds, no flu, not a fucking thing! My head glows like the fucking sun and burns anything in my orbit. How about this, deal with your pain. Pain is nothing once a man has truly merged into the bliss and wears the halo of the Saint.

  6. I've just started using CBD oil for anxiety, anyhow 2 of my teeth were falling out (2 long a story about black magic) anyhow salt mouth washes really sorted me out BIG time ….. bless u and Fritzi 👍😁👌😌

  7. John been following you for some time i have similar ill feellings which i have many different health issues. May i recommend trying to get your hands on young living essential oils to help w your healing i use them and am doing well i can recommend w o any payment or personal gain you contact l burse @ between the sun and moon1@gmail .com in upstate ny usa theppl there can send you info you can msg and im positive you will get immediate reply as they know how much you all do there and now you need so plz ck out the site if you can ! Anyone want to help john purchase the.oils or just see what oils are about just ck the website our prayer are always w you and fritz and new babe and your extended family blessings and fast healing by His stripes bless you sll from. Upstate ny☺

  8. PRAISE GOD, you're glowing and I'm SOO GRATEFUL to see YOU doing BETTER!! As always, I cannot get over how much just me, personally, take for granted back here in the U.S.!! God IS SOO FAITHFUL AND GOOD in HIS TIME!! Prayers ALWAYS FOR YOU AND YOURS there in Tanzania and YOUR MISSION WORK🙏ALL PEACE&LOVE AROUND✌💞

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