1. Damn! I was just about to buy this, but the damn site wouldn't process the payment. I already own and am currently smoking on Inzane in the Membrane-a Glue/Ghost Train Haze hybrid. I wanted the Colorado Chem for the I-95 in it.
    But the site's payment processing, oy!

    As a consolation, I bought the Romulan Dawg and Pure Kush Cookies, but Ethos is on it with strong-ass strains.

  2. Y’all know for the most part strain names are bullshit there are about four classes of bud you got the GG4 dominated strains you got the OG dominated strains then you got ur Purp and then your Kush dominated strains in yes all are a little different but not as extreme a difference as ppl think. Not sayin all OG are the same but there’s not a big difference its all about if the the grower is good the strains will be good

  3. hey remo does your country allow medical marijuana growers to chop up all the leaves of the plant and add about 30 to 40% bud to it and call it shake?. because illinois does and they make us pay 200 dollars an Oz for it, and it taste like dog shit and if you have copd it can take your life as it almost did it to me!. and they think its OK to sell this to sick people with lung problems, and they think by saying its mainly for cooking that covers them in case a patient dies!.

  4. hey dude what happened a few weeks ago?, tried to turn into your youtube channel only to find youtube saying they closed it!. well you must have got them to pull their heads out of their asses being your back on the tube!.

  5. hey filters by Aaron you should totally call it if you ever get a chance to sell them across everywhere and get your own little packaging deal you should call him the rip and roll filters by Erin that would be a great slogan

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