1. …mexican spanish in a bolivian territory western, wow
    and a gringo was only called that in mexico, due to the american army uniform before the 1900s was green, so the soldiers were asked to go home in colour
    "…green go, green goooo!
    😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😆😅😅 funny but, true

  2. As many times I've seen this movie I'll keep watching it over and again and again it's great it's the American way good people trying to survive trying to make things right don't you know this is Who We Are

  3. I thought it was about the Coast Guard buoy tender Blackthorn, which was a 180' ship out of Mobile, Alabama.
    It sunk in Tampa Bay with the loss of many hands.
    Mighty fine ship & crew. :.

  4. According to James (Jim) Aston, Robert Leroy Parker (Butch Cassidy) died in Leeds Utah, was taken to the Johnnie Mine in Johnnie, Nv., and buried at the crossroads just off highway 160. Ref; Biography "Sometimes Cassidy" author Art Davidson/James Aston

  5. I will tell you what a Jew is. 1)They are the people of the Old Testament; not the
    Talmud 2) They worship one God in Heaven; not Lucifer or the Jew collective on
    the earth. 3) They obey the Ten Commandments; not the reverse. 4) They are
    Semitic-Hebrew; not European white people. 5) They obey the Old Testament
    Jewish Prophets; not kill them or say they do not exist. 6) Jesus Christ was one of
    them; not one killed or hated by real Jews. Fake Jews wear little beanies made of
    human skin and do not follow 1-6 above.

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