Apple’s Battery Discount Program is Set to End on December 31

If you have an iPhone that needs a battery replacement, it’s a good idea to get it fixed soon as Apple’s $29 battery replacement program is set to end on …


  1. I never noticed any trouble with my 6 even when the battery started to swell. I eventually took advantage of the replacement offer when I was over at my local Apple store, the battery had been in this shape for about a year at that point. This battery slowdown thing was just in people's minds.

  2. I'm Kind of getting fed up with Apple in general. I feel like a slave to the ecosystem as I have the computers and phone, etc. I also feel like the stuff is not up to the quality of the prices they charge!

  3. I did this with my iPhone 6 at my local authorized repair center (I have no Apple store, near by). They charged me $29.99 for the battery and $30 for the labor (it took them 2hrs while I waited). My only alternative was to ship my phone to Apple and wait an unknown amount of days to get it back. That phone is the only phone I have, so I paid the extra $30.

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