Why I Take CBD Oil & How It Changed My Life

I have been taking CBD oil for 2 months now and it has completely changed my life Amma Life CBD Oil: Bath Salts Music Video: …


  1. I live in chronic pain but CBD oil hasn't been made legal in my country. And the doctor keeps turning me away when I bring up the headaches. And I can't afford to leave the country. Definitely seeing you improve your life has reminded me of solutions out there and gives me hope. I'm planning on immigrating to another country when I can afford to do so. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I had the same problem. Lost my fucking brain. But it was mental health that did it not drugs. Glad to see you're "sane" again Atleast. Although might i say. Bath salts is by far one of the most entertaining videos I've ever seen.

  3. It's great that you are so honest mate, I had my share of fckn about with stuff in the past too, and also feel that at some point I did some kind of irreversible damage.
    Also doing some microdose cbd+thc oil every few days and it really does help with anxiety.
    Great wig, 😄

  4. I use a couple of 1:1 thc-cbd strains for chronic pain. You don't really get high, but then that's not really the point.

    I do get smashed now and again on some top strains, but I don't smoke any more; tinctures and edibles work best.

    Currently looking into the possibility of microdosing psibes for my depression. There's a growing body of evidence that a consistent, powdered dose of around 0.2-5 can have a significant effect on wellbeing and creativity.

  5. Maybe I should try some I also have PTSD, social anxiety and get full blown panic attacks. But never too sure buying things online anymore.

    Like you I tried mmcat and methylone in the past, but nothing was worse than piperazines such as BZP though. Balt salts(mdpv) was close…
    Like really dirty speedy base, like I imagine what meth would be like.

    Tried almost everything except meth and smack in the past…

    HBW seeds were nice and trippy but terrible nausea/dry heaving on them.

  6. I use CBD oil too and it’s given me my life back. I’m no longer chronically depressed or thinking about the traumatic stuff from my past either. It’s expensive stuff but worth every cent. Glad you found CBD too x

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