Taking CBD Oil for Chronic Pain after 30 Days

In this video, I discuss using CBD Oil for managing chronic pain, and my opinion of it, after using it for 30 days. My pain is due to many years with thoracic outlet …


  1. "Hey guys"…lmao!~ notice this guy seems more happier and his speech is more kick back…like
    " hey dude"…then he went out and bought another bottle…:D. …now he wants to stretch out and do yoga..

  2. In my experience keep some oil around to use when you feel like you may have ingested too much THC. It can help balance out some of the uncomfortable feelings some experience from the higher potency products

  3. Save your money on the CBD oil and find someone at the dispensary to help pick out a nice strain with a 2-1 or 3-1 CBD/THC ratio, it won't make you feel high and will help with your anxiety and take an edge off your pain.

    As an aside, I find less is more with pain medications. I tapered off Norco and use Kratom only and a little cbd/thc in the evening. My pain level improved when I tapered off Norco and I feel much better emotionally. This is just my experience. It might not be a good idea to use Norco with Kratom either, you may end up with side effects from combining these two and it may be making your pain worse.

  4. My Doctor wants me to get my cannabis lic. Here in Florida it's medical only and still looks like kind of a pain and cost to much. Kinda crazy to me , i was smoking in the 70's before a lot of this people were born. Problem is here in pain management when your tested, you don't want to pop with that darn lic..So,So many rules we don't need !

  5. Was concerned you were gone now I can see why. I will say it will take about 3-6 months of straight CBD oil to decrease the long term inflammation then wean down to a maintenance level. Indica Dominant Medical Marijuana is the strain that takes you out of body a bit and is relaxing . Makes sense with Chronic Pain that a bit out of body is a good thing at least for me. Screw these uncaring Doctors and their Legislative problems with an " Opioid Crisis" . Uh I am sure the junki downtown are getting their" Fix" as we speak. Those
    Folks woundnt know what an Opioid is, usually. Obviously a Rich persons issue. 😃

  6. Thanks for being a guinea pig for all of us with CPS. I was really hoping you would have loved it and would of felt excellent. I am disappointed with the results you have gotten. 😢 I am just so tired of living in pain and all the crap people give us. I wish I could transfer it to them, then they'd shut up and understand. If you find anything that helps please post ASAP! 😊Thanks

  7. The CBD oil doesn't really lower my pain level either but it does tend to have a calming effect, like you said. I'll be very interested in your results after using a stronger ratio. Hope it works for you!🤗

  8. Have you ever tried using "One hundred percent pure honey" But it in your food on a daily bases. I've heard good things about. You never know. That would be a great thing if it helped you. I wish you the best. God bless you my friend.

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