Stephanie Seneff – Solutions For Glyphosate, Gut Health & Monsanto!

Stephanie Seneff joined us today to talk about glyphosate and what Roundup the weed killer is doing to our gut health. Monsanto has a lot to answer for. Our gut …


  1. I've been following Dr Seneff for some time and compare her work with others trying to connect the dots and she knows what she's talking about. I have so much respect for those willing to stand up and be counted. Taking a public stance and trying to warn the public of the dangers in the face of so much overwhelming opposition is just heroic. I greatly admire Dr Seneff and thank her for doing what she does and taking the time out of her life to let us know what we need to know.

  2. Not a matter of believing. Glyphosate is one of hundreds of things the Nazi Swiss are doing to us
    She thinks she savvy with her terminology and acts like an authority yet she is a punk shill
    Wrong recommendations
    Scumilati knows she has no impact anyway. Autism comes from mercury and aluminum. Changed subject real quick when he mentioned fluoride
    She is absolutely totally disgusting

  3. this is the most important reason to get that glyphosat will be forbidden
    See the map of the main transgenics at the world this means that in these areas are fumigated with glyphosate, the quantities of glyphosate that are fumigated are immense (around 300 millios Kg per year at all the world) and glyphosate percolates in the ground reaching the layers of groundwater and when it rains the glyphosate is dragged towards the rivers and lagoons and this ends in the seas Our oceans are the largest producers of the oxygen we breath. Glyphosate blocks an important metabolic pathway for the development of plants, photosynthetic bacteria, algae and microscopic organisms dependent on photosynthesis.This metabolic pathway is called the shikimic acid pathway that allows these living organisms to make their own sulfur amino acids without which they die.
    If the phytoplankton dies and the algae also,
    Who will produce the oxygen with which life on earth is sustained?
    If somebody says the forests i will say they are being destroyed to plant transgenics with glyphosat. and another agrotoxical substances.

  4. I took the drug accutane and have a theory that it has caused me to become a sponge for glyphosate. Accutane causes an up regulation of the GNMT enzyme which converts glycine to sarcosine. This leads to a low glycine level and I'm wondering if my body is absorbing more glyphosate because of the low glycine level. I have collagen problems such as inflammation in the joints, tendons and muscles so it would make sense.

  5. I have been doing tons of research funding out information on all these videos and get more and more upset about how the FDA can continuously lie and contaminate everything that we're putting in our bodies on a constant consistent basis. I am suffering from Lymphoma. Glyphosate has ruined my life. This has to stop!

  6. I am very allergic to glyphosate, even been in hospital due to eating organic potatoes but the restaurant never mentioned their fries were cooked in corn oil. I often have this vague fear it will kill me. I was hopeful when Vermont and my state were going to start labeling it, but my two senators got over $250,000 from Monsanto, now Bayer to undo the state labeling laws. sigh. I try to warn people of the dangers, but often get the “dead fish” look. 😳 I worry about my grandkids, fortunately some are fed organically.

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