Recreational marijuana sales begin in Massachusetts

Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast Tuesday to allow recreational marijuana sales, meaning tens of millions of adult consumers, including …


  1. Hahahaha apparently Sharon Levy (1:50) doesn't realize that cannabis was a schedule 1 drug until millions of dollars and decades of research PROVED it was safe! Dumb broad acts as if cannabis is this new thing that we automatically legalized without any thought or concern. It seems impossible for some people to see the world from any other prospective than the preconceived ones they were raised with. I bet any time that ladies moralsbeliefs gets questioned she turns to her parents for their answer. Automatically accepting whatever they say without any question 😂.

  2. Funny how people support cigaretts something that has damaged millions of people yettt are against weed something that actually helps people with anxiety , eating , sleeping and pain and it has never actually killed someone when has someone O.D of weed

  3. Weed is so bad but let’s see everyone stop eating processed sugar which is literally poison to your body. Or how bout that lady fix her diet because as you can see she isn’t eating the right foods which is going to cause her to die. Eating a box of donuts a day is going to do way more damage than smoking a joint a day. FACTS

  4. Dr. Sharon Levy is a complete f…ing idiot. The world has been heavily researching marijuana for the past hundred years. Enough is enough. From now on, it no longer has to do with scientific research, it only has to do with people's private agendas. That's like saying you should get the death penalty for that coffee you're drinking because it is a psychoactive substance that influences your mood. No human has the right to tell another human what he can and cannot put in his body as long as he is not harming another person. Live Free or Die.

  5. Umm (Probably) going to preserve it Probably you know for historic purposes ya ok hahahahahaaa !

    And Humana Humana Humana …. did they just talk about transporting drugs across border states at the end he said maybe your family will bring a house warming gift 😉😉 lmao classic

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