How to Smoke Weed Out of King Crab Leg

Alaskan king crab legs are a culinary delicacy, prized for their massive size and tender, succulent meat. Turns out they’re also great for getting stoned when …


  1. News flash everyone: It's called educational entertainment. It's not like he's telling you to go to your local seafood market for a king crab so you can smoke out of it.

  2. VICE! Ever consider covering interesting topics like the emerging home-grow cannabis cultures now that it's legal in many states as well as all of Canada? You could talk about the LED lighting revolution, all the new emerging technology as well as the platinum age of cannabis genetics we're about to experience! I live in Canada and hydroponic stores are selling out of grow tent kits! The new age of cannabis is here!

  3. My theory for this video went down…

    Dude was on a camping trip with his friends… did some shrooms and realized he had forgotten he had a deadline for a vice segment due. This is a result of that shroom induced creativity.

  4. Imagine yourself being a hunter, just doing your business out in the woods hunting, having a great time and then looking through your scope or binoculars, trying to spot a nice deer or something and instead just seeing a black guy sit at a table with a pot on a campfire and smoke weed out of a fucking king crab leg in the middle of the god damn woods

  5. Relax commenteers its not like they spent 30 minutes on the topic. I little comedic humor to make someone laugh to lighten up the all the serious depressing topics they usually cover. im sure you will fall right back in love with vice next upload when they cover your very own favorite personalized topic.

  6. Vice isn't obliged to post whatever please you whiney bunch. This mans is just chilling smoking some tree out a crab leg let him chill. If you don't like it move on. You don't pay for this content. And no one forces you to be here. Stop wasting energy complaining and move on 😂

  7. Next can we please have "How to smoke meth through a homeless person's detached prosthetic limb"? This just wasn't edgy or out there enough for me…

  8. Is this part of the "How to smoke weed out of something long and hollow series"..? Kinda obvious Kinda dumb.. I look forward to the chicken drumstick pipe… Lol..

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