How To Make a WordPress Website – 2018 – In 24 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a website in 24 easy steps. Step by step with no step skipped. With the new template system you will have the most professional website on …


  1. Dude, you're amazing for creating these videos. I started with your 2014 theme video a while ago in an older apartment and I see you've moved up! I tell everyone that asks what I do and how I learned it, and I tell them to google "how to make a website with NO STEPS SKIPPED" and point them in the direction of SEO Ebooks and how to come up with a backlink campaign. If it wasn't for your videos, I wouldn't be able to hammer out WordPress website after website! I'm on #22 now! THANK YOU!

  2. Tyler have been working on my website for a few day now. I have been trying to add post under each page but when I click a page there is nothing there but the name of the page.

  3. Thank you! This is incredibly helpful but seems wordpress has made some updates or I must be doing something wrong because I cannot click and drag any of the features in elementor (like making a button, spacer, etc). second thing is i HIGHLY SUGGEST MAKING INFO PRIVATE because only two days after i set my domain/hosting up my phone was flooded with calls, texts and emails from all over the world offering me website and design services, at all odd hours of the day. THIS REALLY SUCKS. but this video was incredibly helpful in learning how to make a really beautiful website for beginners. We need an update to toggle these issues. if anyone knows how to allow click and drag elements from elemontor builder i would appreciate your help!

  4. I need help, i don't know why but anything i do on the home page. I can't see it after, i did the exact same thing on my About us page and it worked but nothing on the home page and i did the exact same step of you. What should i do ?

  5. Hey Tyler, I really liked your video. I work on wix & wordpress both but when I started learning wordpress I wasn't able to find good content. I just saw this video of yours & now it feels like good content creators are out there. Kudos Man!
    I'm currently working on Wix platform & have created severals sites. Here's a link to my case study, I hope you'll be happy to see my work. CASE STUDY:
    #tylermoore #bestwordpresstutorial2018

  6. Installation failed. Error Details Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location. What does that mean,because i already installed the wordpress to my email, but its been hours yet its not working

  7. A great video and easy to follow tutorial for WordPress. After watching a few, this was the only one that actually matched up with my settings making it so much easier to learn. There is an updated version on Tyler's website for the 2017/18 WordPress update.

  8. Hey Tyler, thanks for the awesome vid! I am using the same header with video. Question, at minute 50:10 you talk about the "Background Fallback," but I do not have that on mine? Did it move? Right now my mobile version is blank. Help! Thanks again!

  9. Hi , thank you so much for what you are doing for all of us . I followed all your instructions but i got stuck on elementor it tell me it says "Elementor Test Extension" requires "PHP" version 7.0 or greater. what other program can i use to continue to built my website or how do i fix this?

  10. I've never created a website before and this tutorial was an excellent way to get one up and running quickly, now I need to edit to get it to my needs thanks for the video ten out of 10

  11. "1CENT" worked better than your code, but otherwise, very good tutorial. Side Note: Hostgator has changed the appearance of the website since you've made this video. I ended up having to search for Quick Install, because it did not take me to the same screen as in your video. You may want to review video against actual current site to make sure no one gets lost

  12. Hey Tyler, thanks for your video… Your Video push me to learn more about WordPress… Can you please assist , how i can allow only Active directory users to access intranet portal??

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