1. I picked it back up too. Legit same same fucking saaame. I cannot give it up though like I refuse. It’s the only thing that lets me enjoy life without it it’s like don’t fuckin mess w me lmao. I was smoking dry and then ran out so I started hitting the pen again. Bad idea I think that pen is just too concentrated for me. I feel like since we have this, maybe we need to take like breaks more often. As much as that sucks because I would like to be high 24/7. It’s cool how people w chs are trying to deal with it and figure it out because the more it becomes legal I feel more and more people are going to start experiencing this.

  2. Honestly i dont think you gave your body enough time to lower the thc,try detoxing food before and after you smoke to balance your thc levels alot of purple fruits and veggies are antioxidant along with herbal tea for the left side pain,ginger tea helps out alot aswell

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