Canada’s ‘Prince Of Pot’ Fights Extradition To The US (2006)

Grass Wars: Canada’s relaxed attitude towards dope is straining its relationship with the US. It’s coming under heavy pressure to crack down on the cannabis …


  1. Smokes twenty joints a day – will never die from MS but will die from lung cancer. The alternative is truck loads of morphine.
    I live in the uk where weed is illegal but you can buy and sell seeds – go figure.

  2. Interesting that the government is collecting and keeping all the tax money being paid by pot stores operating across Canada.
    All governments love your tax money.
    And like a fickle whore, one day they can turn around then penalize you for it.

  3. I quit smoking weed all this genetic manipulation has ruined it! The shit grown here in ky back in the day was the shit, old land race strains from Vietnam and Mexico, that so called medical marijuana is just trash compared to it. Now Monsanto and George Soros run the game and have weaponized it and have turned a medicine into a drug. It's just a bunch of dope now, no different than oxycottin or cocaine.

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