1. Funny , this is probably the most genuine box opening ever !! No reference to citrus lol or berries lmao or candy or …. you get the idea and the stupid almost child like names (adults only please ) lmao x2 !!! Awesome vid, LOVE MY DIRT GROWN BUD Peace.

  2. i got 2 x 3.5 nubela and horizon both sucked ass wasted 70$ i gave the weed away. way over priced i would have gotten an OZ of the same shit for 70$ horrible experience i felt robbed.

  3. NIce. Licensed producer pot brought to you by some of the worst growers out there. Aurora?! Awful stuff…..you should have mentioned, the government allows these guys to spray over 20 kinds of pesticides, fungicides and other poisons on their product and still sell it. It gets bought up by unsuspecting people. Do a story on that! You know all those afters school specials where the government was telling people about greedy, low down drug dealers selling people weed laced with poisons? well who knew it would turn out to be them! Check it out, it is all factual.

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