1. Your news segment ignored the recent ban on caffeine and cannabis, plus the band on public consumption would make the coffee shop idea obviously illegal. I understand your wish to be positive, but there is no place to be positive in this legislation. 20 approved chemicals, no testing, no concentrates, no safe consumables, no real home grow that would allow actual safe/healing cannabis to be grown. Road side legislation is protectionism for big pharma clients. When the limit for cannabis is set at 5ugs and analogues of amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazépines and the like are given a pass? To educate consumers on the healing potential of cannabis in Canada would require you to clearly state that the approved supply is so horribly mismanaged and tainted it is not accessible, affordable, or even safe for consumption. When smoking was proposed as the only way to consume cannabis: they showed their true colours and the complete lack of consideration for healing, patients, or even the best interests of all Canadians.

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