1. CBD usually works best when it contains a little bit of thc. the two cannabinoids work together use a 2:1 ratio 200mg cbd to 100mg thc it can help with sleep if you you get tinctures that have CBG as well. OR look into Rick Simpson oil

  2. (CBD) Cannabidiol is found in both Cannabis Indica (THC containing cannabis) and Cannabis Sativa (Hemp), but at lower percentages that doesn't even add up to one percent.
    THC and CBD can both react well with each other to stop pain and help the body heal, such as cancer patients etc. I suggest you find some CBD made with nanotechnology if you take it internally because normal CBD oils doesn't absorb %100 into the body. Usually the body absorbs up to %10-15 of the oil and recycles the rest. I suggest road runner natural wellness, they have great CBD products made with nanotechnology.

  3. I have really bad chronic back, and knee pain. Also have anxiety and depression and arthritis. So i use both CBD and THC. Imo they work better together. Absolutely love it!♡♡♡ Truley a wonder plant♡

  4. im allergic to gluten well get sick from it…. Im not spending thousands to just say I am allergic. But I take the oil if I want to have gluten (yea probably should but ya know oh well) and it makes it so I don't have the stomach pain and fever I get. I will get bloated and have my rash come back but I rather have that instead of pain.

  5. I love these kinds of informational videos! I have heard of scams or company’s having sketchy stuff in their CBB like industrial grade hemp. Good to know of a legit company to check out. 💗

  6. So weird, I was going to ask you to watch out for maybe a manic episode when you said that you were starting one… Well that's why i go to uni every day hahaha Hopefully this one is shorter and less intense! Love you Anna, kisses from Mexico 🙂

  7. Omg yas epileptic here and I LOVE green roads CBD! I have a video on my channel about it but basically it helps slow my neurons and keep them from going haywire (which is basically what a seizure is) and it helps cure my auras (when I feel a seizure coming). It also helps me get hungry and relieves anxiety (as loss of appetite and extreme anxiety are side effects of my anti-epileptics). I also had my dad try the soft gel capsules and he noticed lots of differences in his joint pain! Some companies will put trace amounts of thc in their cbd so you will fail a drug test but green roads is one of the only brands that has no history of ever doing that!

  8. When I start working some more soon I'll be getting this for back pain. I already have some from a local store and I don't think I used enough of it yet. It's so exciting though that it can help when you don't have enough to go to the doctors!!

  9. I am bipolar and have been taking capsules and using tinctures for about a year now. I have noticed that certain brands and oils keep me up at night. Other than that, it’s been life amazing. I take around 30 mg every morning (on top of my depression medicine and mood stabilizers) and I’m usually good until around 2 or 3. I hope it continues to help you!

  10. I have psychosis related to BPD and CBD eliminates it entirely. My brain off CBD is constantly hallucinating and paranoid but the second I use a CBD vape I literally watch some of the hallucinations leave the room. Everything gets quiet and I can think clearly. Because of this I was able to reach a state of acceptance that I'd never had before. I can have full control of when I hallucinate (which I didn't get on anti psychotics). So if it gets too much I have an out and that helps me tolerate when I AM hallucinating better. Pretty freakin rad. 🙂

  11. CBD is in weed… both can give u a small high.. it’s just not noticeable and won’t affect you… THC has health benefits as well and does different things… you can get actual weed that you smoke that has low to none THC and is high in CBD and is used for medical effects.

  12. Watch out girlie. A few head shop brands were found to have other shit like spice and very little cbd. Green roads daily dose sketched me out because it gave me a head change. My Koi Red and Cbdistillery don't, just a clean relax. Tweedle farms also has dried flower that is pretty good too if you want to switch it up.

  13. Anna!!! I have inflammatory bowel disease and have horrible chronic pain because of it so I am very very curious to see if CBD would help so I can get off my pain medications thank you so much for doing this video 😁😁

  14. I’ve tried CBD before and it has never worked for me. BUT, I have an extreme high tolerance to almost everything. So maybe I just needed to try more. Or possibly a different brand. So glad it helped you. I’ve heard by many it has helped!

  15. If it’s safe, Do you think if you or really anyone were to use the cream on their chest, it could help with high heart rate due to anxiety or even something like your heart condition since it’s supposed to relax muscles ?

  16. I've been using topical cbd on my hands for eczema flare-ups for the past month, and it's helped a TON with redness and irritation, hasn't made it stop by any means, but has helped majorly with flare-ups. Glad to hear you liked it!

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