1. i'm disappointed at the quality of the weed,if i could post or upload a video i would but dont have a cam,if anyone who bought government weed, knows the box the weed comes in, i bought pink kush on the box it says total thc 20.47% then under neath that it says thc 1.02% im not sure what that means,but i bought a half q and thought it was gunna be like old times,cause i havent been high on any weed since oct 2011,every where i go ppl have great looking buds smells so good its all crystallized but when you smoke it,its shit it dont get you high,so i thought finally im gunna get great weed,but nope its shit,i can get they same stuff from my dealer for half the price,be fair warned ppl that government weed is just as same as your street dealer……

  2. Seems easy enough. However step 8 should be disclosed to the unknowing buyers. It will take forever to get the actual package from ocs and once you do, its so late that its dried further and will be a short count… The government needs to understand that just because they sell weed now. Dose not mean they dont need to put any effor into it…. Sad

  3. From what I've seen on different ont/bc/nfl/pei sites don' carry much…no hard stuff, just buds and medicinal drops….its like going to a liquor store and beers are no more than 3% alcohol and the hard liquor is 30% proof..its a joke…amateur stuff …big disappointment .
    Where are the wax,rosin,edibles,concentrates etc? the good stuff? …..I'l stick to my connection……plus the drug dealer Canada Post will deliver.

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