This is our grocery haul for November 26, 2018! If you have any questions about Walmart Grocery pickup, let me know! Cookbook is LIVE on Amazon! $19.99 …


  1. Nicole, you are a mom dynamo! You have so much energy – plus you’re very generous sharing your time with us. Did I hear you say apples are $5 a pound? If so, I need to quit griping about apples being $1.70 in Texas. 😛

  2. Love, love, LOVE Bath and Body Works!! You are one of my FAV You tubers!! I'd love it if u would do a video about how u got started on YouTube and any struggles u may have had as a new You tuber. 🤗

  3. Hey girl can u tell me what type book you are using for your meal planning / grocery ? I clicked the link and it was blank . I am tryin to get organized and I am totally lost lol any help would be greatly appreciated …

  4. I just found out that 1% of our farms are for fruits and vegetables that aren’t used for corn! What! That’s insane to me! The US doesn’t even produce enough fruits and veggies to feed us! Scary! That’s why your fruits be million dollar girl! 🤪

  5. Always enjoy your grocery hall and meal plans for the week 😬.
    It’s funny I found that cheese dip that Trey loves @ a Publix supermarket here in Miami, & I thought of him! 👦🏼 💙 Tfs

  6. Get this, i FINALLY decided i was gonna cook a small meal for Thanksgiving bc i wasnt invited out anywhere bc everyone else choose not to cook this year. WELL, long story w a frozen turkey SIGH so my meal was gonna be on weekend. I slow cooked my turkey from 2am till 12 noon on Sat but i got WAY DOWN in my back so i had to refrigerate everything. Including my turkey drippings. My son didnt know what was in the bowl, thought it looked gross, and he threw it away!!! I WAS VERY UPSET! I ended up finally makin my dressing on Sunday but had to sit in chair to chop and mix. I used my food processor to help chop veg. I had never used it before to chop my veg. I will never hand chop again, lol! BUT I HAD TO USE CHICKEN STOCK. Dont get me wrong, it was really good. That being said, i was really looking forward to my traditional dressing! UGH, FRUSTRATIONS! LOL I am lookin forward to seeing the chicken mozz pesto pasta dish! It sounds really good!

  7. I need a food processor today (Cyber Monday) it must shred cheese like yours does because I am a cheese-aholic and spend way to much on the bags already shredded. Any suggestions appreciated.

  8. I love my food processor, except for cleaning it. 1 part of the feeder tube is impossible to hand dry so it sits out on a towel air drying for a day which annoys me having it out. So I weigh if my time hand shedding on the grater vs processor drying vs preshredded is more worthwhile if I need shredded cheese. (Preshredded usually wins.)

    Food processor got a workout last week though. Breadcrumbs & making a crumb coating for truffles.

    Most processors come with an attachment to slice things too. I never use it though.

  9. Aldi has some adorable holiday lunch goodies! Super cute fruit snacks, Teddy Graham style individual packs but they are snowman, white cheddar cheese ball “snowballs”. Check the seasonal aisle, if you have an Aldi near you.

  10. My oldest will be 17 next month, I have a 15 year old & my youngest are 8 year old twins. I’ve done themed lunches for all of my kiddos (still do for my youngest) but when my teens were smaller they didn’t have near as much holiday themed items as they do now. I just made a ton of things & got creative (some things were a hit & some were a miss). Now that there’s more stuff I still just make things for my littles lunches. Out of habit I guess but soooo many kids tell my twins how awesome their lunches look and are always trying to trade my kids for their homemade things.

  11. I am getting my 2nd Walmart pick up order today. It is rainy and cold. It is helpful that I don’t have to get the toddler out. I will definitely check my order.

  12. Definitely find myself going over budget this time of year too. Between the holidays and parties and potlucks and baked goods…it's hard to keep on your normal budget! Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving <3

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