1. Today I asked myself, "Wonder how my artist will feel if I smoke weed before my appointment?" And this popped up in my recommends! I could blame google for reading my thoughts but the reality is your channel is so god damn comprehensive that you really cover it all. And well. 
    Cannabis is legal in m country but it's still probably illegal to tattoo someone who's under the influence. Can I let my artist know that I'll be consuming cannabis or would that make him uncomfortable? I mean obviously I'll have to get a feel for his personality first but do you find most artists to be sticklers or are they more, "as long as you're not a pain in the ass, do what you gotta do" ?

    What I decided from your video is it would be best to bring some edibles and take a 10 g candy midway. They only take about 20 min to kick in and I find eds come on a little gentler than smoking does. I want to be sober for placing the stencil as that's honestly just as important as the design, and I don't want be TOO chill about it. Also who knows what my brain chemistry will be like with all the adrenaline pumping through it. I do want to be "in the moment" as getting tattooed is a unique experience, but I'm also pretty chatty and some artists hate that. Bringing an edible lets me go in sober and then if I feel the need to medicate I can just do it.

  2. If you don't want to feel pain just don't get a tattoo. Why use weeds before getting a tattoo it's useless. there is no connection at all. One at a time okay. Get a tattoo if you want or smoke weeds if you want.

  3. I have never use cannabis, but I have fibromyalgia so I will be trying CBD oil with some THC in it (my PCP knows). Thankfully I live in WA where marijuana is legal. Fortunately I like getting tattooed, so I would not need it for pain control.

  4. Could you do a vid on the myth of alcohol suppressing tattoo pain? When I got my first tattoo, the artist made me a drink before the session. Although I was less jittery, the pain was VERY real. He gave me a sweater to wring in response to the pain and I muscled it to death

  5. It doesn't reduce my pain much but I'm a smoker so it's routine for me. I usually smoke before i get tatted anyway. I've even had a few drinks. That shit felt equally the same. I did feel more relaxed though

  6. THC is great to make me less mentally worried about pain rather than reducing pain.

    I live in a legal state and have a card for my VA disability stuff, it’s good to handle pain in some ways but if pain is bad for you then you are going to feel pain.

    You will be calm and you will not be as worried about the pain, you aren’t suffering with the pain while you are feeling the pain of the tattoo. I like weed with pain or something that I am anxious about, so that I don’t “suffer”

    Edit: I hope when it’s my time to get my last two tattoos I can make it to your business, they are my most important ones left of the stories I am using my tattoos to tell about my journey

  7. Am I the only one who loves that he has a great use of the English vocabulary but also has a great use of the potty mouth words. Every time he curses I literally get tickled because he is really sexy when her curses. I know I am fucking weird.

  8. I was high few times I got tatts and I will be one of few to agree with you and say no. It doesn't numb the pain at all. It may take you elsewhere mentally but physical feeling of pain will remain

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