1. Cannabis, is medicine.


    Currently, to use the term "drug" to describe cannabis is not simply untruthful, but worse, it is the premeditated adoption of an unconscionable Prohibitionist tactic of semantic abuse. This devious ploy deliberately associates mild, benign cannabis with potentially dangerous, addictive substances, drugs – of which alcohol is one such – to make cannabis appear to be something harmful, which the official empirical researches confirm is not.

    Cannabis – The Benign Herb
    The official Empirical Studies into actual use of cannabis conclude:
    1) use of Cannabis has no adverse effect upon mental or physical health: Cannabis is harmless;
    2) use of Cannabis does not cause any impairment to mental and physical abilities: Cannabis is safe;
    3) modern Medical Case Histories show Cannabis to have numerous beneficial results to health: Cannabis is benign.

    The Report collates Empirical Evidence and the Findings of Fact of official clinical studies which exonerate cannabis and vindicate all cultivation, trade, possession and use. The Report establishes massive ulterior money-motive and prejury behind prohibition; and indicts government.

    The Report presents irrefutable Legal Grounds for Restoration: Relegalisation, Amnesty & Restitution.

    In short, the allegations of "harm" by which Cannabis has been prohibited are, by disinterested scientific scrutiny, not substantiated: the "harm" has been competently , comprehensively and consistently dismissed. The allegations are naught by figments. The unfounded "law" has always been false; the Prohibition is an ongoing fraud; all Cannabis related prosecutions of citizens are malicious.

    The reader of THE REPORT is able to state with the absolute certainty that comes from the knowledge, authority and support of the modern official Empirical Studies into Cannabis for the last hundred and fifty years plus – up to the present (since 1839, O'Shaughnessy), that all legislation of Cannabis controls is fraudulent: all attendant acts of passive acquiescence or active support, i.e. prosecutions, judicial, police and penal enforcement, are malicious, these comprising crimes of themselves. If not before, from now on readers will be able to discern the motive behind calculated miseducation, such as when politicians claim "insufficient" research has been undertaken. The state of knowledge about the herb is replete with medico-scientific investigations, Cannabis being the most researched plant known to mankind.

    Cannabis Prohibition is the greatest fraud of all time: the pernicious effects of this crime are myriad, extreme and ubiquitous. Let's assimilate that Prohibition is the direct cause of:
    WAR; CRIME; astronomical world energy, resource and food prices, with disastrous and homicidal corollary effects; world poverty; world famine; industrial and automotive emissions
    poisoning air; photochemical smog and acid rain; desertifications; the Greenhaouse effect, global warming and fatally catastrophic weather; and that RESTORATION is the immediate
    scientific solution.


    ✡️✡️✡️ Human Endocannabinoid System ✡️✡️✡️.

  2. There are two extreme sides when it comes to weed. Those against it, which all they do is repeat what their parents and teachers told them when they were young and following the general, ignorant opinion; and the super stoners which make conspiracies about the government and they are evil and don't want people to be happy so they take weed away…

    I don't really know why almost all governments ban weed, and even nowadays, when we have all these studies proving weed as way less harmful than alcohol. Plus weed, objectively, has positive and negative aspects, not like other drugs, both illegal or legal, where there are no benefits. Weed helps with mental problems and cancer, while, if used recreationally, gives a happiness effect to the cost of some (weakly researched) small downsides.

  3. ………Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE (born 18 June 1942) is an English singer-songwriter,
    just so happens to be a cannabis smoker all his life and he is still very healthy

  4. The only reason I tried other drugs after trying weed was because everyone said weed was so dangerous. After your first time smoking you realize it's not even close to as bad as your preconceptions. After this, you think other drugs are also a stroll in the park. Weed isn't a gateway drug, people gatekeeping weed are the gateway to hard drugs.

  5. Everyone I know who started smoking weed before anything else as a kid (age 12-14), still mostly just smokes weed. The kids who were drinking and smoking cigarettes at a similar age are all currently hooked on opiates or alcoholics. Alcohol and cigarettes are the real gateway drugs. Most cannabis users stick with it because its so much more controllable and safe.

  6. The only reason, and I mean the ONLY REASON I don't like this sudden rise in popularity of marijuana, is the smell of people smoking it. I already don't like the smell of cigarettes and for the most part, cigarettes have phased out a bit since I was a kid, but now it's weed! I don't like the smell of someone smoking really anything! So having to walk through someone's cloud of smoke especially if it's at a time I need to catch my breath like walking fast outside to catch some means of public transit, be nice if I could just breathe in clean air. Vaping is fine, although I still have the automatic reaction to hold my breath in a vape cloud, if I get a whiff it's just blueberries or some shit, not particularly irritating.

  7. Well the argument that experiments with one mind altering drug might make you more likely to test others, I think that is no argument against legalization.

    Because today the problem is, people get told weed is illegal they test it and see ohh it's totaly harmless much less negative effects than alcohol. So the goverment lied to me or is not trunstworthy.

    Then you have the crying wulf effect. And if you warn for really dangerous drugs people will not listen anymore, because you lost their trust. So the prohibition is a gateway drug for hard drugs.

  8. Be careful to mix weed with tobacco like we do in europe/germany. This mix is highly addictive and is kind of a drug for itself. I know a a lot of people that smoke weed mixed with tobacco and get enormous cravings after that mixture every day if they don't smoke. These cravings can't be stopped by smoking cigarettes or pure weed. it's the mix that feels different. there is also some research suggesting that these two substances don't just add up but have a distinct own effect. It can be mixed on rare occasions like after or before the consumption of classical hallucinogens. This works to structure your thoughts since nicotine is a really potent stimulator of rational thinking and dampener of soft emotions. I can also smoke a lot more weed if mixed with tobacco. It kind of brings the effect to my body and makes my head slow.

  9. The lung cancer can be traced to the use of butane lighters, cannabis oil is a direct cure for every type of cancer and is safe to give to children including prenatal as it is classified as food by the United States Air Force.

  10. One thing he did not include is an analysis of the studies themselves. Most of the negative studies are in fact funded by anti marijuana companies and interests.

    We can not just look at studies and accept them. First we must look and see if there is any validation to the studies.

    Also keep in mind that fire many decades the government has funded studies TRYING to find the negative aspects of marijuana. They had a hard time finding ANY serous negative effects, and since then most of these findings have been found to be erroneous.

  11. to answer your question about is marijuana a gateway drug? the answer is no. cigarettes and alcohol always come 1st
    and to answer your other ?'s regaurding addiction, marijauna as you stated is addictive to 9% of the population, this is true marijuana is addictive to people with addictive personalities. anyone whos went thru rehab knows what im talking about. that 9% represents the ppl with addictive personalities like myself. now i smoke daily , but lifes not over if i run out. im not going to rob someone if im broke lol. not gonna give blowjobs for cash in truckstop bathrooms either. i hate to say its addictive i like to say its habit forming. now lets talk about benefits , i work 100+ hrs every two weeks , so i wouldnt say it robs your motivation, unless you smoke too much and sedate yourself. i have also came up with a visible test that shows to the human eye how much worse cigarette smoke is in comparison . most peoples eyes pop out when they see the results.

  12. Something I've been wondering for a really long time is how weed affects those with ADHD. One of the studies in the video suggests that weed lowers your deposit of dopamine, and I've heard a few people even talk about it lowering your serotonin levels. Couldn't it actually just be ADHD instead of weed?

  13. I smoke a high CBD / low THC strain. Best medication I've ever taken for depression, and PTSD. Psychiatrist had me on 3 separate meds to deal with this shit. We never talk about it, but look at the harmful effects of heavy pharmaceutical use. I was taking a tranquilizer. Made me sleep 9-10 hours a day, just to reduce the frequency of panic attacks. Also taking benzodiazepines. Nobody bats an eye. It's just medicine. 45mg maximum dosage for Remeron? I was taking 60mg, no big deal right. But hold up! Smoking weed? That's some risky shit, apparently.

  14. The first discussion is a no brainer there stems(sticks leaves shrubs) its is a carcinogen !! But it cures what it causes cancer this is a simple 1+1=3 most studies are bias driven an not double blind sorry for you natural purest who ignorently say "its a plant grown from the ground" (so is the castor bean) its a drug its mood mind altering and addicting i know first hand and work with all types. nOTE im not against it i live in north west and legal but so is alcohol and cigs and caffeine if your a boring person or need an excuse like"i need it to sleep " and dont have ailments then man up and say you like to get high for the effect an cant handle life mother started dragon my knuckles to life and not experiencing life without crutches is only my experience in my opinion people can live productive lives on any drug after watching the mother my daughter die from alcoholism my best friend overdose and family there but not really present I just wanted more for my daughter and if the time came i wouldnt be a hypocrite

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