TDC Podcast 11 – Dr. Mark Lysyshyn on Fentanyl Drug Checking & Supervised Consumption Facilities

Dr. Mark Lysyshyn is a medical health officer with Vancouver Coastal Health in British Columbia, Canada. The Vancouver region, like many parts of North …


  1. After 2 yrs on oxy, I got off of them over a year ago, by myself. I had to use it for my back, thru a pain specialist. I got sick and tired of depending on them, I couldn't take a trip without knowing if I had enough. Tolerance build up, not enough. Got to a point I could take a whole bottle and my body wouldn't react anymore. I turned to the Lord to deliver me from my back pain and my dependance to oxy. Finally free 14 months free & painfree. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Should really try and get the politician Peter Hitchens on the podcast, he has very conservative bias views on drug laws especially cannabis, an intelligent man non the less. Would be interesting to hear you's two debate. (If he gave you a chance to speak that is)

  3. I have SLE with lots of the problems associated with it, Lungs, COPD, Asthma, severe Gastrointestinal problems, constant migraine, etc.
    I was prescribed 75mcg Fentanyl Patches because I have a lot of pain. I was becoming worse, I tried to think why I was getting increasingly worse. I was pretty sure it worsened after starting Fentanyl. I wanted to stop, as I had lost lots of weight too. My Dr said it had to be done very slowly because of so many health issues it would be dangerous. It took me over 5 months. The difference to my health were becoming obvious. Then became further withdrawal symptoms after I was completely off patches. Insomnia, even more headaches/migraine, aches, pains etc. Herbal sleeping aids, prescription sleeping tablets most did not work, one slow release gave me 2/3 hrs sleep if I was lucky, I'm coming out the other side, it's been very difficult, but worth it, as I not only look better, but feel better mentally. Physically, still flu like pains, not enough sleep, just enough to keep me sane.
    I knew nothing about Fentanyl before it was prescribed, if I had been aware, I would never have started to take it. I really feel if I had not come off it, another severe chest infection or pneumonia would have killed me. It took over 5 months, to beginning of September 2018, I had no drugs to assist. It is a lethal drug and should be banned!
    I am vegetarian because of what animals are fed, etc. I don't drink, never smoked, never drunk Soda or juices (only freshly squeezed), only thing processed, chocolate occasionally, was very fit, healthy, though took Bronchitis, Flu had Asthma, but wasn't aware. Inhalers, Alendronic Acid for Osteoporosis, Folic Acid, minimum drugs as allergic to all arthritic drugs, plus not keen on taking drugs. I know withdrawal symptoms can ease of, or continue, that is something I will have to work through. I have started CBD oil which works better than Fentanyl for pain, but here in Northern Ireland, we cannot get it with THC, which I feel would be more effective and apparently is more likely to help headaches/migraines, which, excuse the pun, are a severe pain in the butt…
    I watch your channel to educate myself.
    Thank you for your great work.

  4. I had one friend whose coworker died because he did a line of Cocaine laced with an analogue of Fentanyl and he dropped dead in an elevator half an hour later. Another one of my friends had a cousin who overdosed on Crystal Meth because he went to jail and when he got out he tried to continue using at the dosage he was taking before he went to prison. It's unfortunate but this kind of thing is becoming all too common. A lot of street Cocaine is laced with Crystal Meth as well.

  5. I just got clean from Lorazepam after 2 month of daily 0.5mg use.

    I wanted to day thanks for educating me. (before knowing this channel, I never knew organic compound with just one different functional group would change the pharmacology of medicine.)

    However, the best part of Seth is that the video is very unbiased and evidence based. Gives orgasm to STEM students.

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