Maybe CBD OIL Will Work? || My Non Traditional Weight Loss Surgery Journey

Among other things I like to talk about all the possibilities and im not afraid to try new things…


  1. Why cant you have it on base?? It’s not illegal. It’s a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. It’s legal in all States. You can buy it in health food stores. My son who is 9 years old and has Autism, takes Charlottes Web. It’s been amazing. Go watch my video of his before and after if you want. It’s an amazing natural medicine, with NO side effects.

  2. I've got a friend who suffers from HS and she uses the oil in her vape juice. She also takes morphine. She's still in a lot of pain. I use magnesium oil topically and I made an organic pain cream with essential oils for my Fibro. I need to research if vitamins and supplements reduce the efficiency of my regular medication.

  3. My mother actually had me order some of the tincture for her, my sister, and myself. My mother suffers from chronic joint pain in her hips and back. My sister and I suffer from anxiety and I have OCD. I was looking into the weight loss links and came across your video. I will gladly share my results/findings!

  4. I've see the oil and the pills help tremendously with patients that have had chronic pain. My family members have used it and it has helped them. If this works the way you want it to then I have no doubt u would be able to get off of most of the medicine your on!! I'm sending all sunshine and rainbows to you!! Good luck lady!!

  5. Hey girl hey just popping in to say I hope your doing ok because you haven't made a video in a few days and that's not like you,hope everything's ok, take care 🤔💗💜❤💙💚💟🌷🌹🌸💐🍀🌺🌻💮

  6. Hi EN, check out "Intermittent Fasting with Dr Mike" on Youtube. Not going to preach or act like I know anything. I hope you watch it with an open mind just for knowledge's sake if nothing else. John Bergman is a great channel to subscribe to also for all manner of health issues. Good luck! <3
    PS Per the topic, I'm not exactly sure what "work" you're questioning CBD oil to do here despite watching the video, but realcbd dot org is an excellent option for people considering it. Search "Joe Cain on how medical marijuana helps veterans with PTSD" to see Joe handing it to the bureaucrats. He's the owner/producer of the oil. I've been using it for my anxiety/PTSD, disease prevention, anti-inflammatory, and it eliminated 100% of the seizures in our seizure-prone dog. Again, good luck!

  7. Nirvana please make sure to compare labels. I'm the same way and have done tons of research and most people who say it didn't work for them bought the CBD that has fillers and less CBD. Make sure you're getting pure oil with only oil and natural flavoring. Love ya!

  8. I just started Kratom, it is a wonderful herb it is legal highly effective. Tastes like ass tho. You are so funny. I am using it for pain and getting off opiates. It works for many research it. I would do marijuanna but it makes me anxious, My pain level is so much better and i do not desire taking anything

  9. Ok. So I did ask a friend who has been in the Air Force 25 years, about legality. He said the spouse can use it but that it can't be in the base. That is just silly. Ugh. But you can when you move off base!!

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