Losing Arguments with Your Wife After Her Brain Surgery – Jim Gaffigan

In his special Noble Ape, Jim Gaffigan details his experiences after learning his wife had a brain tumor and questions her surgeon’s fruit-based tumor-sizing …


  1. Fellow brain tumor survivor here. My brain tumor was compared to a grape, and the cyst that surrounded it was compared in size to a grapefruit. I'd say we must have had the same dr, but this was 11 years ago. Guess not much changes with medical jargon. While I don't recommend the brain tumor experience to anyone, I'm adamant the entire experience was one of the funniest events of my life. The whole thing was insane. And as Gaffigan is doing, you can either make a joke about it and find humor in a horrible situation, or you can cry. Doesn't change the reality, but might change your comfort level while you're going through it.

  2. I used to love gaffigan, always clean, no politics… then I watched as he badmouths Trump he and his wife giggling like they finally got to say what they really think… no more, he is a gutless turd and I am done with him

  3. He is living proof that you don't have to use curse words to be funny and that you can joke about anything, even about your wife having a tumor, and get away with it – if you're good enough. But Jim isn't just "good enough," he's a brilliant stand up comic and he looks to be at the top of his game in this video.

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