1. Eddie now promotes this product that is sold by the same person who sold psychoactive drugs for years. Do you honestly think the they care about quality when they were happy to sell that crap to people. Eddie should be ashamed to be working with a lowlife like that and if he had any integrity he wouldn't associate with the likes of them. If you want to go down the cbd route that's fine but choose a better company and avoid Eddie's example.

  2. Is it actually health to Vape CBD? I ordered some CBD vape oil after watching this but now realise CBD vape oil is mixed with other substances so you can use it in an ecig/vape.
    Aren't you vaping a mainly the other crap mixed with the CBD oil? As you can vape CBD on it's own can you?

  3. I'm very sceptical about CBD oil. The fact that it's touted as pretty much a "cure all" from cancer to diabetes and everything in between makes me very suspicious. There are very few (if any) substances that help diseases with nothing in common. The one thing that I do know CBD helps with is making some people an awful lot of money.
    Not sure though, maybe it's great, I just have a healthy scientific scepticism. Ill just stick to eating well, training right and sleeping and leave all these crazy supplements to people with more money to burn than me!

  4. Thank you so much for this info… try telling big pharma companies this, they wouldn't have a bar of it because they csnt make money from it. It can't be patented due to it being natural so they always claim "theres not enough research to back you claim" yet it works for hundreds of thousands of people… what a gimmick…

    Again thanks eddie for your honesty and advice… all the best my friend

  5. CBD and THC are the wonders of the world!! Mary Jane isn't "drugs", its just mother nature way to cure all kinds of nasty illness.. Just make a little cut in your skin, put it on it and a few short days later the cut is gone!! Peace bro!!

  6. I like smoking or eating cannabis on Saturdays noticed a big change in my lifting I jump from 500lb deadlift to a 600lb in about 2 months after I started using and of course following your strength and mass formula…. if you don't mind me asking what kind of protein do you use???????

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