1. I used to do 720mg as a base dose all the time and my favorite thing to do was stand up close my eyes and look down and then I could near perfectly see my legs moving with my eyes closed that sure was fun

  2. 4:486:02 you really summed up my bad trip, I've been looking for an explanation and this is completely sufficient. no matter how much I breathed I couldn't "get" oxygen, I thought my room was the only one in the world and I was trapped there forever, and I was convinced I was dying. I was literally screaming and I couldn't control it, so much impending doom.

  3. Many years ago I had a number of experiences with this… I found that sitting in a pitch dark room while I was in the experience led to extremely life like imagery mixed with kaleidoscopic-esque structures such as gears. Two reasons I would not recommend this substance is that it has a narcotic quality and if the user abuses it they will experience significant impairment with levels of functioning even the days or weeks after. The second reason I don't recommend it is that, while this substance did have some sort of insights, they were almost always delusions. If you use this substance frequently, you will become delusional. The visuals were very memorable though but there wasn't the psychedelic aspect in that the visuals weren't interacting with me on a emotional level. From what I remember DXM is a pretty emotionless substance. I feel like I have had a different experience than most people though because from the handful of experiences I had with it sitting in a dark room, it was the most visual substance I have ever taken, but I am telling you not to. It isn't worth how far it takes you away from yourself. The visuals in my experience were definitely open-eyed and complex.

  4. 2nd plateau is the most uncomfortable/anxious level imo; whenever I reach 3rd I tend to have vivid CEVs and also astral project, and I get taken to some fascinating places. 2nd plateau makes me feel like I'm trapped in a box within a room that's expanded to like 20 times its normal area, and I'm constantly being watched or approached by people whom I do not want to know I'm high. All of my best experiences on DXM have been at 3rd plat doses.

  5. Did this stuff for yrs straight, sometimes id go for a few months daily without a days rest. Been sober for 3yrs now, still feel the effects of daily abuse. Vision twitches, memory loss which is insanely similar to being on dxm although i am sober. Lost my job, gf and pushed all my family away due to abuse. It starts off like fun, you may think you can just do it every now n then but just like any other addiction this shit gets a hold of you too quickly. Please, for your sake or familys sake dont and il say it again.. DONT TOUCH DXM.

  6. I used dxm evrey day for 2 years at. 1600 to 3200mgs a day and overdosed 6 times I am now extremeley perma fryd life feels like a nightmare only my sophomore year and I already ruined my life

  7. Recently I tried a higher dose with dxm. At first I felt stones but then felt panic and threw up. I experienced insane auditory hallucinations. When my brother was talking to me I would hear the repeating if a sound several times in a second almost like an echo.

  8. I had a friend take 112 tripple C's. That equals 3,360 mg of DXM. He had a seizure but made it out okay. He's now passed from an unrelated situation. But I couldn't imagine the experience he had. Most I've ever taken waa 960 mg

  9. DXM literally changed my life from the second it hit me the first time. I believed I had died and was a new creature- a literal resurrection. I started believing all kinds of crazy shit like I was a prophet. It took it like a year to fully wear off and to this day I still have light episodes of crazy thinking 💭

  10. I reached plateau sigma my freshman year of college I probably consumed around 2000-2500mg of this shit within a week. With constant small to large redoses. Shit was crazy. Here I am almost a year later stuck in this depersonalized trance I cannot get out of. Shits weird I feel like I am the only person who's truly here. For a month after the trip I kept thinking that what I was seeing was really just my imagination and I was actually in a coma. Shits crazy man. It'll fuck you up. It'll fuck you up good. Don't do this shit. If you really want to know what it feels like just go to Reddit and read others experiences.

  11. Bruh I took exactly 100 mg from a delsylm bottle, waited, didn’t work. Took a full cup (about 20 ml or 120 I think) waited, didn’t work. I’m too scared too take more. Do I have some sort of genetic trait that can handle substances better (this is my first time ever taking it)?

  12. The first time I took DXM(Triple C’s) I took 6 pills and it was great. It was to the point where it clicked and I knew what I was doing and I having a extremely time doing it. I laid back in my bed and my whole body went numb and it felt amazing. I had my friend who smoked weed before as a trip sitter in case anything happened. I’m not addicted to it, but I would recommend taking a small dose of it and it feels great.

  13. I have severe OCD and depression, ssri's, Antipsychs, Benzodiazepine never worked for me. I once tried 60 mg of DXM but it did not affect me and i'm thinking of trying it again upping the dose a little to see if it could help with my intrusive thoughts.

  14. the only time I do Dex is when I have pot on me. It enhances the trip 10 fold🤩. This drug can be very addicting if you fall in love w/ the feeling. Definitely my favorite thing to do is produce music while I’m zoned . Time seems to not exist. I also like going to the gym on DXM. Drive around smoking a blunt, while tripping is amazing, but dangerous!! xD. Overall this drug is bliss. Definitely a must try w/ weed. But becareful. I usually feel somewhat down the next day or two after doing it & it makes me want to trip again to uplift my mood. jus don’t become addicted & you’ll be good.

  15. DXM is so lame! Ugh I got stuck in the loop of robotrippin for a spell lol it was not fun had the flu and wss like fuck it even tho it didn't help it makes u care a lil less about being sick but yuck I hate how it feels especially when they mix it in to cut mdma smh wtf jyst no no don't

  16. I have a buddy who became seriously addicted to this shit. It ruined him; his body, his mind and his spirit are forever tarnished because of the massive amounts of DXM he ingested. I'm talking well over one hundred gallons or more.. Years and years of hopeless abuse has most likely riddled his brain with lesions, as he just isn't the same person anymore. It's sad because I miss him, the old him, the kid that was so clever, funnyand full of life has been diminished to a brain damaged husk of a man.. I'd like to think that if he could stay sober long enough, that the old him would come back, but I know that's probably just a pipe dream.. .

  17. ¨fuck what they say. DXM is number 1 ingredience in this world. HEll i did 1000mgs, 800mgs,600,… hundreds and hundreds of dxm trips i had. I already finished but the times it was just psychedelic multidimensional meltdown. Sometimes i even felt like being acid myself 😀

  18. I've taken 1700mgs of delsym and smoked a bowl and I've never had anything more intense than a plateua 2 or 3 by what this guy says. I only dissociate and listen to music. I just float around in my mind and that's it. Maybe a slight OBE

  19. I'm around 110 kg and took 900mg and had a complete out of body experience, as if my mind and body were traveling to other dimensions while I was an observer sitting inside my head. I was completely dissociated and detatched from my body. I remember having voices in my head telling me to kill myself to end my nightmare experience while I watched the clock stand still. The time literally stayed at 10:15PM for hours. Set and setting is VERY important with this drug.

  20. Last thing I remember from my last DXM "trip", I drank the bottle, puked, had a good time smoking some weed and BAM anxiety attack. Everything was flat (stairs were a challenge) lots of confusion. And felt like I was dying and not myself at all. DONT DO IT MAN JUST WAIT AND FIND SOME MUSHIES OR CID

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