What Happened When Canada Legalized Cannabis | Documentary Ft. OpenMind

Simon from the YouTube channel OpenMind flew all the way from Germany to experience this monumental event! This documentary chronicles our journey …


  1. A crap ton of work went into this one – The Website Uncensored exclusive COMING SOON! If you enjoyed this, then show your support on Patreon: https://goo.gl/EufkcZ – with your help I can make this type of video a regular occurrence 🙂 Please let me know below what you liked/didn’t like below!

  2. This video was posted on my 19th birthday. I have changed so much since my 18th birthday. And have had much to reflect on as well. And this video, what you describe relates to exactly what im doing as well. Coping with the herb. It's amazing to be informed on all of the risks and safety issues and it's amazing to see all of the good as well. The balance so to speak. But any way, I vibe with this video, I'm currently pretty wavey so it was even more so enjoyable to watch XD 🌊🌊

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