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Millions will discover the TRUTH about cancer… the little-known, best ways to prevent and beat cancer that you aren’t being told about. To watch, sign up here: …


  1. : Matthias Rath, Mike “Health Ranger” Adams, Joseph Mercola, Jonathan Wright, Rashid Buttar, Russell Blaylock, Stanislaw Burzynski, and Tullio Simoncini. Experts? No.

  2. Its OK to show emotion – that is part of what this is all about – its about being REAL – that's what they have taken away from us. They want us to be unthinking unfeeling robots who will kill for $$$.

  3. In this age of fluoride, pesticide & vaccines, it's clear where the cancer epidemic is coming from. They won't allow a cure to interfere with their depopulation agenda.

  4. Keep a ph balance 7 or higher and Oxygen COQ10 Cancer lives in a Acidic body ! Cancer cannot survive in a alkaline body! Lemon water , ph balance drops ,Apple cider vinegar (avc) and avoid sugar cancer thrives in a Sugar environment. Cannabis also cures cancer!

  5. Yes cancer may be something that we created ourselves ,by putting so many cemicals in our foods, GMO, plus cleaning supplies ,hair & body products we use,carpeting ,the list is endless for cemicals we come near each & every day of our lives . I still BELIEVE with all I am ,,,THERE IS A BETTER WAY FOR TREATMENT RIGHT IN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES OF BEING TOLD HE HAD CANCER ,HE WAS ALSO TOLD THAT HE PROBLY WOULDNT DIE FROM THE DIEASE ,BUT FROM HAVING NO IMMUNE SYSTEM LEFT AFTER TREATMENT HE WOUKD CATCH SOMETHING FLU OR THE LIKE, AND DIE FROM THAT SO THEN THEY WOULDN'T SAY CANCER KILKED YOU ,IT WAS FLU GET THE PICTURE. GOD IN HEAVEN HELP YOUR CHILDREN

  6. I haven't even finished the first ,of the 9 in this series ,and I learned what I in my heart already knew . Our own government is allowing this barbaric treatment for cancer ,that they the oncologist wouldn't treat their own family members with ,but they give to the general public because that is what the BIG MONEY MAKING MACHINE SAYS THEY MUST DO , my husband has Mulitipal Myaloma Bone Cancer ,for 7 years now he has undergone horrible treatments ,in the name of TRUST ,he puts in his Oncologist, they are killing him slowly , THIS IS WHAT OUR OWN GOVERNMENT ALLOWS THIS MONOPOLY TO STAY IN PLACE BECAUSE OF MONEY THIS MONOPOLY PAYS THEM ,While the people in this day and age should suffer MY GOD IN HEAVEN FLOOD THIS WORLD AGAIN PLEASE

  7. I have a friend who cured herself from stage 4 terminal cancer, surgeons and oncologists abandoned her, after botching a 9-hour operation, further ops to try and rectify what they f**up in another surgeon's words, heavy chemo. They told her that she had twelve months to live, go do your bucket list. She took their advice, ticked off her bucket list, spent all her money thinking she would not live. Doctors cut her chemo to a small oral dose, and then she started drinking a bush tea from the Australian outback. Within two months her cancer had reduced by 80%, and now, nearly four years later, she is almost cancer free. One cup a day of this stuff, she blended the raw material herself in her home. On her last visit to her oncologist just a few days ago, he told her that she was down to level 5, and he credited the half tablet of chemo that she was on with her recovery. Yeah, right. Talk about paradigm vision, they just cannot imagine that these things work. Now she is ready to tell the world her story.

  8. chemo maffia slowly shifting to immunotherapies. Should have been done ages ago. Another 100 yrs, maybe they'll find a fix, but if they did, who will buy their expensive stuff??? Very long way to go 🙁

  9. Ty Bollinger, don't waste your time shedding tears, begging people to hear your message, or making a documentary to help others. Most people who are smart will research and learn exactly what you have learned – that cancer is easily healed when people get their eyes off the mainstream idiots who they look to as gods for guidance. The masses are idiots. They won't watch your movie for the very reason they won't do their own research. They think conspiracies are impossible though history is replete with them. They think doctors are not greedy and would have found a cure if they could and that cures are impossible without medical doctors who misdiagnose and lie like those I've encountered, even though many with cancer have cured themselves through natural means. They think government is god and is watching out for them, including the FDA. They are basically ignorant as the primitive tribes in 4th world countries as they dance around to their gyrating shaman tunes, sporting tattoos, piercings, and nose rings like the transgender savages that missionaries discovered so many years ago … except those in the USA know better. Just goes to show you that most on this planet want to be ignorant. Perhaps use your money to make a video to combat the coming future of paganism – cannibalism and pedophilia. Actually, that's a useless project too. Too many higher-ups involved and protecting the savages below them. Besides, most Americans a hundred years ago never imagined an America filled with savages, yet look around. So expect most Americans to become cannibals and pedos no matter what you tell them as unimaginable as that may be right now – remember a hundred years ago, they would have fainted if they saw how America is today. I've got it. Just go make yourself a blockbuster action film, sit on an island and sip some amazing drinks and sample the taste of gourmet entrees and let the blithering idiots whine and run themselves into the giant eternal furnace that they so crave. Most in America want to burn forever, just so they can point their finger at GOD and tell Him how cruel He was. They're the same ones who think Macron and Obama are heroes.

    And the little king of the raping priests in Rome with his dunce Dagon hat will just wave his hand of blessing over the entire mess and say it's 'all good' like they have for 1700 years since Constantine. Then his Jesuit brethren will blow up Rome, throw away their black robes and rosary beads and don civilian clothes, and blend into the crowd on this planet, blaming the Rome that they created to be the HQ for all the devilry and problems of the world. As they walk out, pretending to not have caused the whole carnival of evil on this planet, they will then offer to be the saviors of mankind. Rome is a metaphorical 'Lord of Misrule'. When they're done with fattening it, they will kill it. And probably all its followers too. Those dirty Satanists.

    Ha! By adding that last paragraph, I know I just triggered all the morons a bit further who have absolutely no idea of how the world really works. They're like little wind-up toy rats who when you wind them up start chattering 'conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory' like they've been programmed by their media gods and the morons in leadership who lead them. Dumb as bricks. And they won't even see what's coming next. And when it all happens, you'd think they'd all get it, right? But they won't. So pathetic. Some people limit themselves to the information they are given. But most are even worse. Even when given the right information, they prefer still to be stupid. That's because insanity is not mental, intellectual or physical – it is spiritual. The mind is blind as pitch.

  10. one doctor said that cancer is similar to fungal and started experiment whit clean soda drinks, i don't remember doses but their are small only have to take it wisely. base to avoid cancer is you take care of water you drink, food you eat and air you breathe. in big cities is impossible to avoid pollution, same on villages where agriculture is based on chemistry fertilizer.

  11. There are at least 1 million doctors telling you how to treat cancer, but you're gonna listen to a guy with a camera that filmed a couple of nut jobs spewing their miracle cure. This is basically natural selection at it's finest

  12. WHAT IF
    people will finally discover their life's meaning living in an inseparable bond with our Creator!?
    We do not have LIFE without TRUE LOVING !!!!!!!
    True Love means God's Love in ourselves. That kind of Love God already has proved it by giving us His only Son to die instead of us for – we are without God – our sin.

    As long as man will be without God, there is DEATH.

    There is useless any wealth and any health without the LORD God, our Creator, our FATHER in heavens into our mind and soul and body!

    READ THE BIBLE, the history of the humankind. It is all TRUE.

    Whatever we do, we DIE alone! Or we will LIVE forever together in the house of our Creator!?!
    The CHOICE is OURS !!!

  13. at the official page it says Enter your first name and best email address below right now, and you’ll
    be first in line to see the entire 9-part series – for free – beginning
    with Episode 1 on May 16th…

  14. Try to get CBD oil. Do the tests before and after. Avoid buying CBD from pharmaceutical companies, they are only try to make money, they don't intend to cure you. Find someone who makes CBD oil and get it ASAP. Avoid chemo.

  15. Its Candida… nothing more nothing less.. body is trying to get Candida under control but it is losing because your immunity is not getting good food.. BAD IMMUNITY is problem…

  16. It is not for the publisher, but for other commenters:
    Never forget that '"cancer" is not just a simple thing which should be referred as a single disease.
    It is like infectious diseases. You distinguish them by pathogens, you distinguish them by symptoms, not refer to them as a single disease. The only mutual property is that there is an alien biological agent present in the body which causes the illness. Concerning cancer there is an uncontrolled cell division in a certain tissue. Still the disease it causes can be very different from one another, like at the case of infections diseases.
    TLDR: the point is that there can be a big difference between once "cancer" and another "cancer" and shall not be considered as a single disease with one treatment or one prevention method.
    I hope you get the point.

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