1. Wtf 3rd hand smoke. The smoke and the lingering of it is done lighting and smoking it. The smoke can't absorb more than once. 3rd hand smoke. Why don't yall be preaching bout alcohol that is worse for you. They have commercials about it but not tobacco products. I can smoke a pack of 20 cigs a day and drive and be normal but I can't drink 20 beers or take 20 shots of liquor in a day and be able to drive or be normal or function yet they advertise it all day long on TV and radio. Wtf

  2. i’m hitting my juul rn seeing what’s bad about it and i saw a video saying juul is so new that scientists have yet to discover the long term effects of juuling, like for cigarettes it’s cancer, so i’m gonna finish the pods i have then quit till scientists find out bc like there could be huge side effects that’ll have a toll on people in the future that we don’t know yet and i’m not tryna take a chance

  3. Juul helped me quite smoking all together so if you smoke cigarettes use Juul mades it easier to quit I don't use the juul either but if you don't smoke or never have smoked don't pick up the juul it is pretty addicting

  4. I have a juul and not a smoker. I smoked it once and that was over 2 months ago. Maybe its just me but i am absolutely sure i dont even feel for it and 100 % not addicted to it.

  5. I know for a fact that I feel better now that I quit smoking to start vaping…I own a juul…I can breathe better and my sense of smell has even returned…smoking CIGARETTES is what ruined my lungs NOT vaping. Vaping has allowed my lungs to heal themselves.

  6. Juuls shouldn't get to the hands of kids, they aren't bad in of themselves, but they might be a step for children to get to smoking. On the other hand, they should be used by smokers and ex smokers ONLY. It's better not to get into both in the first place, but since I was a smoker for years, I am smoking less, getting less cancerous content, and for arguably cheaper

  7. We know there’s nic in them because every body at my school rips everyone off and puts 6 nic in juul pods like wtf😂 and my cuz in Florida said they put honey some times it doesn’t work of course but it’s how to get money for some new ones 😂

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