Missouri U.S. Senate Debate | October 18, 2018

Nine Network of Public Media, 5 On Your Side, and St. Louis Public Radio partnered to host a U.S. Senate debate with Republican Josh Hawley and Democrat …


  1. McCasKILL would have killed growth and affordable health care in Missouri. People saw right through this lying witch and she's has rightfully been tossed aside. Part courtesy of her Kavanough recklessness.

  2. I was born in Mexico and I became naturalized U.S. citizen. I'm very proud of President Donald J. Trump. I voted for Trump because I want him to #MAGA. I recently voted for Republicans all the way.

  3. Hillary obama were involved in dirty deals with Saudi Arabia old leaders! Trump knows that everything from child trafficking to uranium and 9/11 they were in collusion. New prince in power I believe they wanted to setup trump and prince to cause new war and cover up what previous Bush Clintons Obama had done in 9/11 incident! Claire is like Hillary they could have same DNA!

  4. My families income is under 50k and she calls me the 5% who suffer from the ACA? The health insurance cost half my income under Obamacare. Get rid of it. I can’t even get them to pay my doctor for visits. It useless.

  5. I live at Lake of the Ozarks here in Missouri. This lying old hag had a home here just a mile or so from my shop. Nearly 90% of the homes here are in a HOA "Home owners association" I personally know someone that lived in her HOA, he said she got so far behind on her dues that they stopped picking up her trash. I'm also from Kansas City where she started her political career and it was just one scandal after another between her, and her husband. How can people be so blind to these life long politicians? It happens on both sides, but democrats have it down to a fine art.

  6. She is crafty, but he is more convincing. He is far better at a comprehensive spontaneous answer.. Tell me what it is about Democrat women these days. Do they all use the same fashion adviser? Why do so many of them opt for short blonde hair and dark rimmed glasses? Its starting to creep me out.

  7. If she wins the dead voted and ballots were intercepted… The buzz on the street is there is not way on earth she can win… If she wins; there was fraud…

  8. As a non American watching this the woman has some sense she has a plan compared to the guy , he has no plan .he rambles on saying things will be okay without saying how , blaming her , and deflects from answering questions.

  9. She’s at a lose she’s seen very unprepared but that said , she’s stand for Unions and unionized workers = health care retirement plans life benefits . A good standard of living for a unionized worker . She’s stand for the EPA which’s stand for water protection high efficiency standards for cars and electronic , putting serious rulers and regulations for polluter so you don’t has to live next to a waste site . She’s stand for reforming the background check so we have some gun control so we don’t have another school emergencies or anything like that . She may not be at to date with what people wants but she’s on the right side of history if you care about what is the future for this country .

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