1. Wow, this was my favorite episode. I was able to connect with everything you guys talked about. So cool to hear people on the same page. I wish I could meet some more people on this wavelength.

  2. This could be a fun activity and I love all listening to all your life experiences.

    Activity: Build something by hand with your friends, whatever it is whether it's a car, computer, or something related while you talk about a topic (It can be related to what you're building or not).

  3. Thank you Joe Jitsukawa for being true to yourself. Like Nadeem you guys are the ones who have inspired me to pursue filmmaking ever since I was introduced to you back in 2012. Hopefully one day we can collaborate on a film someday and have some good deep conversations about life.

  4. Thank you for the podcasts. They're always so informative and fun 😀
    I find it hard to relate to people around me because most of the time before they do something. How much?

  5. Felt like NADEEM was interviewing JOE. And Pokemon sitting on top of Nadeem’s Head. JOES THE GUEST IN HIS OWN SHOW. !!!!! WoW 😮 LoL 😝 Fix your Sitting Arraignment, Please

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